[edit] An Introduction to the Guild System

Guilds were first introduced to WKC2 in November 2011, first to the US region and a week later to the EU region. It's a system that allows you to join a group of people lead by a guild leader to have the opportunity to gain items exclusive to guild members.

Becoming a member or even a guild leader is very beneficial whilst also entirely optional. This page is designed as a guide to the benefits and uses of guilds.

[edit] Guild Creation

To create a guild, the Guild Leader must first purchase a 'Guild License' from the PSN Store. The Guild Leader will then be able to create the guild and choose its name so they can add/remove members, manage the guild and adjust other settings concerning the guild.

[edit] Joining a Guild

Once a guild is created, other players can apply to join - With the Guild Leader having the responsibility of accepting or denying applications. Unfortunately the Guild Leader can't send out invites to new recruits so to join you have to visit the Guild Homepage and select "Join Guild".

There can be up to 250 members (including the Guild Leader) in a guild at any one time, and each avatar can only be a member of one guild at any one time. Guild members DO NOT require a License to join the guild.

You can only apply to one guild at a time and will have to wait at least 72hours before you can apply to a new one if you left a previous guild.

[edit] The Concierge

Each Guild will have a special character known as 'The Concierge', who will provide support for maintaining the Guild and the Guild Town. The Guild Leader is the only person who can change the settings through the Concierge. Each concierge has a different greeting and has a minor effect on the type of items available to guild members.

They also have an effect on the "Designated Quests" available to members with Guild Tokens and the type of items rotated in the Geoforge.

[edit] Disbanding a Guild

This refers to when a Guild Leader decides to remove their guild from the server so that it no longer exists. Once disbanded all current members will become "guildless" and be unable to join a new guild for 72hours. Due to the ranking system, you can only disband a guild under certain conditions.

  • You can queue your request to disband in your Geonet options but must wait for the current ranking period to be over and your guild will be removed once a new period begins.
  • The guild leader will also be unable to join a new guild for 72hours once disbanded.

Note - You can still use the guild as normal even once you choose to disband until the next ranking period begins.

[edit] Guild Town

The Guild Town is designed for Guild Members only so only members can create rooms and purchase items exclusive to guilds (although non-exclusive items can still be bought) but anyone can join an open room within the guild. Note - Guild rooms do not show up when you search for rooms.

[edit] Guild Levels

At each subsequent level more items are available in the shops and rarer items become more common when Geoforging. Some items only appear from certain levels onwards and the milestones that certain items becoming available are at LVL 4, LVL 7, LVL 8, LVL 10.

Guilds level up every other Tuesday based on the amount of Prestige Points or Pp that the guild has gained. Guilds gain Pp when guild members use Guild Tokens on quests based on the amount and value of the Geostones they gain.

Guilds can also level down if the guild doesn't gain enough Pp. Below is a table explaining the minimum Pp needed to maintain your Guild Level:

Level Minimum Pp Needed
1 Nil
2 2500
3 5000
4 10000
5 15000
6 30000
7 50000
8 75000
9 90000
10 120000

At each level, the appearance of the guild changes. Check this forum post to see what they look like at each level: | Guild Photos

[edit] Guild Forums

The Forums can now be set to allow only Guild members to view and reply to threads (much like the current system for Friend-only Adventure Logs.)

[edit] Guild Ranking List

When a Guild is created, an entry on the Ranking List is made - And this will form the basis of which guilds will gain the various levels of benefit.

The order is based on the Prestige Points gained by the Guild Members through the 'Guild Tokens', and is calculated frequently to give an up-to-date listings of the Guild standing.

The Top 10 Guilds will receive some very useful benefits in their Guild Town with the Top 2 getting early access to some items and discounts unavailable to others.

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