Guild Tokens


[edit] Introduction

Guild Tokens (often referred to as Guild Coins) are special coins that can be used at the start of any quest to give you some extra rewards when you complete it that can be used in Geoforging.

[edit] How to Obtain Guild Tokens

First, you need to be a member of any guild. Then, by entering your nominated guild's hometown you will obtain at least 3 Guild Tokens per day (or 4 Guild Tokens if you are the guild leader).

If you don't enter your guild's town everyday those days coins will be saved up to a MAX of 3 days worth meaning you can enter the town and get 9/12 Guild Tokens immediately. The amount of coins you can keep can be extended by purchasing a "Token storage Ticket" From PSN so that you can hold up to 7 days worth.

Note - If you currently have 9 unused tokens but haven't been in your guild for 3 days, you will still be able to claim those 3 days worth of tokens if you use ALL of your current tokens before entering your guild.

Just like in Artifex Cometh a day lasts 24h but may not start and end at 0000. A new day starts at 2000 GMT, 1500 EST and 1200 PST.

[edit] Questing With Tokens

You can quest with up to 5 tokens or none at all but by using your tokens you will earn Geostones. The quantity and value of each Geostone determines how many Prestige Points you will earn for your guild and is somewhat random. Should you fail or quit a quest any coins used are refunded.

[edit] How Many Tokens Should I Use?

This is largely dependant on the player. If you won't be playing the game too often you should probably blow your coins so that you don't miss out on too many tokens. Otherwise if you'll play WKC2 at least once every 3 days it's best to save your coins for designated quests or for when you are in a party in your guild.

The more tokens you use the higher the probability of gaining rarer Geostones and more Prestige Points. You can obtain a maximunm of 8 different geostones per quest and up to (theoretically) 800Pp although you can obtain multiple of the same geostones.

[edit] Designated Quests

These are quests chosen at random from those that you have unlocked that will have increased odds of obtaining rare tokens. They are given to you by your Guild Town's Concierge and remain the same quest unless you quit the game or complete a different quest. For Pp it is better to save most of your coins for these quests.

[edit] Changing Quests

In case the concierge gives you a quest you dislike or want to do something else for the GR points or a better quest, you can easily change it by creating a Free Monster Quest and finishing it by simply talking with the npc at the start. This takes about 10 seconds.

[edit] Improving your Odds

Theoretically, the best way to get the most amount of Pp at the end of the quest is to:

  • Use 5 Guild Tokens (Each coin improves the probability)
  • Complete a Designated Quest (See Above)
  • Obtain an S-Rank at the end of the quest.

Having said that from my experience these tactics simply improve the chances of getting rarer Geostones or a greater quantity of common Geostones. This is why using 5 coins may not always pay off if you want points for your guild.

Therefore, you will almost always get a higher quantity of geostones when you follow all 3 of the above points, but that won't always translate into more Pp. Also note that obtaining an A rank won't have much difference to your odds compared to an S rank.

On average, per Guild Token used, you should gain 3 Geostones totalling 90Pp. In terms of Pp, using more tokens doesn't have a significant effect so if you use 5 tokens you should expect to get 15 Geostones and around 450Pp.

Moral of the story? Don't get so wrapped up in statistics. So far the 3 bullet points are the only confirmed ways of improving your odds of getting rarer and more tokens. How you use them should depend on the quest, the amount of tokens you have left and whether you want Pp or more Guild Tokens.

The drop rates for each Geostone can be found in the Types of Geostone section of the Geostone page.

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