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[edit] Guild Shop

10% discount only top guilds (Example: 30000G → 21000G)

Dismantle List ' '
Material Equipment Price
Sky Demon ore Roses Leggings 42 000
Divine Beast Fossil Valhalla Sabaton 60 000
Spirit Crystal Roses Trousers 42 000
Goddess Cotton spore Ouroboros cuff 28 000
World Tree Plank Efreet rod 73 000
Divine Mushroom Ouroboros Trousers 28 000

[edit] Items

Terms of Sale Classification Name Cost (G)
Lv.2 or within # 2 Guild Consumption Heal Potion II 250G
Mana Potion II 600G
Weapon Repair I 400G
Consumption I drop of goddess 400G
I drink charge 700G
Lv.4 ~ or within # 2 Guild Consumption Heal Potion III 550G
Mana Potion III 1400G
Repair Weapon II 3000G
Lv.5 ~ or Lv.3 ~ within # 10 Guild Material Jewels of gold blade [secondary] 190000G
Jewel of guardian [secondary] 190000G
Rock star of flame 120000G
Suimeiso rock star 120000G
Rock star Gale 120000G
Clod rock star 120000G
Lv.5 ~ Lv.4 ~ (within # 2) Consumption II drops of the goddess 800G
Drink Charge II 2000G
Lv.6 ~ o Lv.4 ~ (within # 2) Consumption Panacea 3500G
Repair Weapon III 7000G
Lv.7 ~ Consumption Elixir 7000G
Lv.4 ~ (within # 2)
Lv.9 ~ Consumption Drops of Goddess III 1200G
Lv.8 ~ (within # 2) Charge Drink III 4000G
Lv.10 ~ Consumption Heal Potion IV 1000G
Lv.8 ~ (within # 2) Mana Potion IV 3000G
Lv.10 ~ (within 10th) Consumption Heal Potion V 60000G
IV drip of the Goddess 2400G
Mana Potion V 90000G
High Elixir 15000G
Charge IV drink 30000G
Material Jewels of gold blade [primary] 260000G
Jewel of guardian [primary] 260000G
Manastone flame 190000G
Manastone of Suimeiso 190000G
Manastone Gale 190000G
Manastone of clod 190000G

[edit] Weapons and Armour

Terms of Sale Classification Name Cost (G)
Lv.3 ~ Protective gear Shambhala series 15000G
# 2 within
Lv.4 ~ Sword Sword of light wings 20000G
 or Dagger Assassin Dagger 13000G
# 2 within Axe Drake Hatchet 16000G
Sword Sword of light wings 30000G
Katana Breaks jaw 27000G
Both hatchet Light of the broad ax blade 30000G
Hammer with both hands Cross Hammer 27000G
Spear Spear of light wings 20000G
Bow Bow of light wings 20000G
Cane Staff of light wing 16000G
Protective gear Formal series 22000G
Shield Light shield wing 15000G
Lv.5 ~ Protective gear Parade Series 30000G
# 2 within
Lv.6 ~ Protective gear Oh Rias series 18800G
Lv.4 ~ (within # 2)
Lv.7 ~ Protective gear Ao Oni series 28000G
Lv.4 ~ (within # 2)
Lv.8 ~ Sword Ascalon II 30000G
 or Dagger Geist edge 24500G
Lv.4 ~ (within # 2) Axe Hunter Hawk 30000G
Sword Hein Cross Darling 50600G
Katana Snow white 50600G
Both hatchet Ax breaks the sacred bird of St. 50600G
Hammer with both hands Black iron sledgehammer 50600G
Spear Mighty Lance 30000G
Bow Duchy longbow Seishiki 30000G
Cane Nyx Mall II 24500G
Protective gear Platinum Series 39400G
Shield Platinum Shield 20600G
Lv.8 ~ (within # 2) Protective gear Class Series system 72000G
Gil Den series 120000G
Series Gen'yo 170000G
Lv.10 ~ Sword Chronicle sword spacetime 90000G
 or Dagger Hihiirokane 73000G
Lv.8 ~ (within # 2) Axe Furesuberugu spirit ax 90000G
Sword Durandal 150000G
Katana Muso Masakado 150000G
Both hatchet Susanoo 150000G
Hammer with both hands Jewel Master 150000G
Spear Amaterasu 90000G
Bow Ki pregnant bow sinkers 90000G
Cane Efreet rod 73000G
Protective gear Ouroboros Series 56000G
Roses Series 84000G
Valhalla Series 120000G
Shield Shield of Zeus 62000G
Avalon Shield 62000G

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