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[edit] Guild Rank Quests

White Knight Chronicles 2 utilises a similiar system of quests as seen in the previous installment of the series - With several alterations (listed below).

The main purpose of the Guild Rank Quests are to gain experience for your avatar, gain Guild Rank Points for raising your Guild Rank, and acquiring a variety of different items:

[edit] Accessing The Quests


All bought quests can be accessed in solo mode via World Map. In WKC1 you were only be able to control your avatar while doing a quest and after completing it, there was no harvest reset in your georama. Its different in WKC2. You have your whole party and the harvest will be reset. Take note that in Solo you should NOT have a full inventory as it will prevent you from completing quests.


Update: Online Servers will be shut down on June 18, 2013.

The game uses a system called GeoNet to manage and play the online quests. To access the quests you need to select GeoNet from the Main Menu (press the Tri.png button to make the main menu appear). This will display the following options:

  • Enter GeoNet
  • Online Status
  • Friends List

Selecting Enter GeoNet will connect you to the online server where you'll be given sub-menus allowing you to create a room (via selecting the My Town option). You can see what the GeoNet main menu looks like to the right.

From My Town menu, you can either create a new room or select a previously created room (more details on how to do this on the GeoNet page). When you've entered your GeoNet room, you can either create a quest or join a new one.

[edit] Guild Experience Chart

White Knight Chronicles 2 has several differences from the previous title:

  • Total of 30 GR Ranks
  • When reaching the next GR Rank, your GR points are reset to 0 (it is no longer culmulative)

[Compiling EU GR Point requirements as the JP values have been changed.]

GR Points GR Points
Guild Rank 1 1000 ? Guild Rank 16 900.000 2.500.000
Guild Rank 2 3000 ? Guild Rank 17 1.200.000 3.000.000
Guild Rank 3 6000 ? Guild Rank 18 1.500.000 3.500.000
Guild Rank 4 8000 ? Guild Rank 19 1.750.000 4.000.000
Guild Rank 5 10.000 ? Guild Rank 20 2.000.000 4.500.000
Guild Rank 6 12.000 ? Guild Rank 21 2.250.000 5.000.000
Guild Rank 7 16.000 ? Guild Rank 22 2.500.000 5.500.000
Guild Rank 8 20.000 ? Guild Rank 23 3.000.000 6.000.000
Guild Rank 9 30.000 ? Guild Rank 24 4.000.000 7.000.000
Guild Rank 10 40.000 ? Guild Rank 25 5.000.000 8.000.000
Guild Rank 11 50.000 ? Guild Rank 26 6.000.000 9.000.000
Guild Rank 12 80.000 200.000 Guild Rank 27 7.000.000 10.000.000
Guild Rank 13 150.000 1.000.000 Guild Rank 28 8.000.000 11.000.000
Guild Rank 14 300.000 1.500.000 Guild Rank 29 9.000.000 12.000.000
Guild Rank 15 600.000 2.000.000 Guild Rank 30 10.000.000 13.000.000

[edit] Quests

The WKC1 quests make an appearance in WKC2 and are played with the same conditions as intended:

  • No Arc Knights
  • 4-Player Party
  • Ranking has been tweaked to focus more on sub-quests (Best Served Cold for example requires the sub-quest to achieve an S Rank.)
  • Enemy attack-type weaknesses have been changed (although most Elemental Weaknesses have remained the same)

The battle system, equipment and all other aspects of the combat experience are played out with the new WKC2 system.

When you successfully complete a quest, the next georama you visit will reward you with items. See Georama Quest Rewards for more infos.

[edit] WKC 2: Quest List in alphabetical order

Quest Name Location Quest Lv. 1 Quest Lv. 2
Anti-Yshrenian Activity Redhorn Isle Guild Rank 1 Guild Rank 26
The Artifex Cometh Dogma Rift Guild Rank 20 Guild Rank 26
A Better Mousetrap Frass Chasm Guild Rank 18 Guild Rank 24
Cat Power Redhorn Isle Guild Rank 1 Guild Rank 22
Dragon The Line Bunker Lode Caverns Guild Rank 20 Guild Rank 26
Enemy Mine Nordia Tunnels Guild Rank 15 Guild Rank 21
Feeding Time Van Haven Waste Guild Rank 16 Guild Rank 22
Fog of War Lost Forest Guild Rank 19 Guild Rank 25
A Fright of Dragons Greede Guild Rank 1 Guild Rank 26
Graveyard Rift Dogma Rift Guild Rank 18 Guild Rank 24
House Money Nordia Tunnels Guild Rank 18 Guild Rank 24
I am the Gatekeeper Dogma Rift Guild Rank 19 Guild Rank 25
Into the Abyss Dogma Rift Guild Rank 1 Guild Rank 26
Jungle Jailbreak The Lost Forest Guild Rank 1 Guild Rank 24
Just Deserts Lagnish Desert Guild Rank 16 Guild Rank 22
King of the Polkans Balastor Plain Guild Rank 11 Guild Rank 16
The Lost Legion Van Haven Waste Guild Rank 1 Guild Rank 26
The Meddlers Dogma Rift Guild Rank 17 Guild Rank 23
Quibbles with Kibbles Balastor Plain Guild Rank 1 Guild Rank 26
Rise From Your Grave Lost Forest Guild Rank 20 Guild Rank 26
Rival Survival Garmatha Fortress Guild Rank 1 Guild Rank 26
The Root of Evil The Lost Forest Guild Rank 1 Guild Rank 26
Seasonal Travel Lost Forest Guild Rank 16 Guild Rank 22
Support the Troops Greydall Plain Guild Rank 20 Guild Rank 26
Watery Glaives Balandor Guild Rank 1 Guild Rank 26
The Windfrocker Frass Chasm Guild Rank 1 Guild Rank 26

[edit] WKC 2: Free Roam Quest

Quest Name Location
Summary : Free Monster Quest Various
Chasm: Free Monster Quest Frass Chasm
Desert: Free Monster Quest Lagnish Desert
Forest: Free Monster Quest Lost Forest
Mine: Free Monster Quest Bunker Lode Caverns
Plains: Free Monster Quest Greydall Plain
Ruins: Free Monster Quest Dogma Rift

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