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Guild Rank 7 is reached when the player reaches 320,000P. This is a list of all the quests that are Guild Rank 7.


[edit] Quests

[edit] Quests (Initial)

Quest # Quest Name Cost Suggested Level Location Time Limit
1 Brave Litton's Plight II 4,200G 36+ Balastor Plain 01:00:00
Self-proclaimed "adventurers" Litton and Graspa managed to make off with a trollish treasure horde. But they were ambushed on the return journey, Graspa has been wounded. You must locate and return the client's desired items. If you exceed the time limit or get defeated during the boss battle you will fail.
2 Memorial Servant II 4,200G 36+ Greydall Plain 01:00:00
We received a request for someone to visit the various memorials on Greydall Plain in order to place offerings. The nearby beasts will provide the required flowers. You must kill monsters to acquire tributes and offer that to the various shrines. If you exceed the time limit or get defeated during the boss battle you will fail.
3 The Lost Children II 4,200G 36+ Nordia Tunnels 01:00:00
Three siblings went to play in the Nordia Tunnels and never returned. It's currently the breeding season for spiders, so the situation is urgent. Please locate the children and bring them back safely. You must save the lost children. If you exceed the time limit, a guest character is killed, or get defeated during the boss battle you will fail.
4 A Grave Matter II 4,200G 36+ Lagnish Desert 01:00:00
Legends say that presenting the grave of Selvus with a treasured item will let you hear the thoughts of a loved one. A pilgrim to the grave has lost his item to a monster and wants it back. You must locate and return the client's desired items. If you exceed the time limit or get defeated during the boss battle you will fail.
5 The Exterminator II 4,200G 36+ Greede Underbelly 01:00:00
Spiders have infested Greede's maze-like Underbelly, and the workers there are desperate for assistance. Pay them a visit and help rid the Underbelly of its unwelcome visitors. You must defeat the spider boss deep inside the underbelly. If you exceed the time limit or your party gets killed during the boss battle, you will fail.

[edit] Additional Quests (Permanent)

Quest # Quest Name Release Date Suggested Level Location Time Limit
6 Boot Camp II Game's Release 35+ Balastor Plain 00:30:00
To deal with the influx of increasingly aggressive monsters, Balandor has prepared the training course for adventurers. Newcomers are encouraged to hone their skills in this quest. You must finish your training and return to the instructor to complete the quest. If you exceed the time limit you will fail.
7 All in the Cards March 10, 2010 36+ Balastor Plain 01:00:00
Our client needs help recovering an item he lost somewhere on Balastor Plain. Discretion is important, so the client would like to meet in the Waterfall Cave. Speak with him for further details.
8 Lumber Support April 14, 2010 36+ Balastor Plain 00:30:00
Some treants near Pimm Forest have turned violent, preventing the lumberjacks of Parma from harvesting wood. Hurry to the scene and eliminate the problem.
9 Material Advisor April 28, 2010 36+ Greydall Plain 01:00:00
A monster tamer is looking for help making his experimental lures. Adventurers interested in gathering materials are encouraged to assist. Please speak with the client for further details.
10 Troll Treasure May 6, 2010 36+ Balastor Plain 01:00:00
An archaeologist asked a pair of "adventurers" to collect valuable treasure for him, but now the two are nowhere to be found. Go and track down the prize in their stead.
11 Belly of the Beasts May 20, 2010 36+ Lagnish Desert 01:00:00
Monster attacks on travellers journeying through Lagnish Desert are becoming more frequent. Work with the monster tamer in the area to solve the problem.

[edit] WKC2 Info

Quest Name Suggested Level Location Time Limit Cost Players Ark
The Exterminator 21+ Greede Underbelly 1:00:00 4 No

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