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This is a list of all the quests that are Guild Rank 6. Guild Rank 6 is reached when the player accumulates 186000P

[edit] Quests

Quest # Quest Name Cost Suggested Level Location Time Limit
1 Dragon’s Heat 1,400G 33+ Bunker Lode Caverns 01:00:00
A Client investigating the Bunker Lode ruins needs someone to eliminate a dragon terrorizing his researchers. It’s dragon mating season, however, so the wyrm is certain to be extremely cranky.
2 Research Assistant 1,400G 33+ Frass Chasm 01:00:00
An individual is researching the greavers of Frass Chasm, and needs someone to provide protection. For future information, speak directly with the client.
3 Strike Like the Wind 1,400G 33+ The Van Haven Waste 01:00:00
we need a brave soul to eliminate a monster the has been rampaging across the Van Haven Waste. The creature is a particularly violent breed of dragon, so approach with extreme caution.
4 The Azure Dragon 1,400G 33+ The Van Haven Waste 01:00:00
Rumor has it that an ice dragon lurks in the caves beneath Van Haven, and that creature’s hide will yield a valuable ore. The client wants someone to slay the dragon and confirm the rumor.
5 Home of the Knave 1,400G 35+ Dogma Rift 01:00:00
Magi interference has halted a study of the Dogma Ruins, and the researchers are growing desperate. We need someone to destroy the Magi war machine and drive out the interlopers.
6 King of Dragons 1,400G 35+ Dogma Rift 01:30:00
A dragon king of old has awakened. We need a brave adventurer to dispose of the foul beast before he rains damnation on all humanity. Meet with a guard just outside the Dogma Ruins for further details.

[edit] WKC2 Info

Quest Name Suggested Level Location Time Limit Cost Players Ark
Monumental Treasure 16+ Flandar Trail 1:00:00 4 No

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