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This is a list of all the quests that are Guild Rank 1.


[edit] Quests

[edit] Quests (Initial)

Quest # Quest Name Cost Suggested Level Location Time Limit
1 Brave Litton's Plight 80G 8+ Balastor Plain 01:00:00
Self-proclaimed "adventurers" Litton and Graspa managed to make off with a trollish treasure horde. But they were ambushed on the return journey, Graspa has been wounded. You must locate and return the client's desired items. If you exceed the time limit or get defeated during the boss battle you will fail.
2 Memorial Servant 80G 10+ Greydall Plain 01:00:00
We received a request for someone to visit the various memorials on Greydall Plain in order to place offerings. The nearby beasts will provide the required flowers. You must kill monsters to acquire tributes and offer that to the various shrines. If you exceed the time limit or get defeated during the boss battle you will fail.

[edit] Additional Quests (Permanent)

Quest # Quest Name Release Date Suggested Level Location Time Limit
3 Boot Camp Game's Release 8+ Balastor Plain 00:30:00
To deal with the influx of increasingly aggressive monsters, Balandor has prepared the training course for adventurers. Newcomers are encouraged to hone their skills in this quest. You must finish your training and return to the instructor to complete the quest. If you exceed the time limit you will fail.

[edit] WKC2 Info

Quest Name Suggested Level Location Time Limit Cost Players Ark
Boot Camp 1+ Balastor Plain 30:00 Free 4 No
Brave Litton's Plight 8+ Balastor Plain 1:00:00 4 No
Cat Power 56+ Redhorn Isle 1:00:00 6 1
Plains : Free Monster Quest 41+ Balastor Plain 1:30:00 6 1
Desert : Free Monster Quest 41+ Lagnish Desert 1:30:00 6 1
Mine : Free Monster Quest 41+ Bunker Lode Caverns 1:30:00 6 1
Chasm : Free Monster Quest 41+ Frass Chasm 1:30:00 6 1
Ruins : Free Monster Quest 41+ Dogma Rift 1:30:00 6 1
Forest : Free Monster Quest 41+ Lost Forest 1:30:00 6 1

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