[edit] Gigas' Background

Gigas' (AKA Gigantes when there is more than one) are first introduced to the world of White Knight Chronicles in the Lagnish Desert after certain conditions have been met in the story line. You'll often come across several types of Gigas' throughout the game be it in the story or in quests. You can find out more about each type below.

Alphamiden Gigas


'Adveni' is a cry you'll often hear Magi make warning you of an imminent Gigas summoning that can not be interrupted. Gigas' (pronounced as "Yee-gas") are mysterious beings that reside in the Nether Realms but can be summoned via card into a human host. Although the host gains great power from the exchange, they eventually lose their minds and go berserk from summoning a Gigas (or Gigantes in plural).

The cards used to create these Gigantes were developed in Imperial laboratories. The first card was labelled "Alpha" and the second "Beta".

[edit] Alpha Gigantes

The first reinforced model tested by the Yshrenian Empire was an Alpha type known as "Alphamiden Gigas". This first powerful Giga was deemed too unstable for regular use. Other Alpha types include Alphaena Gigas, Alphapente Gigas & Alphatria Gigas.

[edit] Beta Gigantes

Beta types (known as the Betaena Gigas, Betapente Gigas & Betatria Gigas) tend to have special abilities. With the power to devour souls, Betas have struck fear into the hearts of countless foes on the battlefield.

[edit] Other Gigas'

Grand Gigas

There is another form of Gigas known as the Grand Gigas. This Gigas requires two or more Gigas to merge together and that a human soul be sacrificed as opposed to just borrowing the human's soul.

They are different from Knights in that they do not need to make a pact with a pactmaker and are considered more monster-like instead of as Weapons.

Used since the Dogma Age, Yshrenia's Emperor Madoras has deployed Gigantes in battle alongside the Knights ever since coming to power.

Addtionally Yshrenia sympathiser's Kara, Belcitane and Magi Knights are shown transforming into Gigantes.

The Grand Gigas drops are used in Archdemon weapons but you'll rarely see players with them as the drops are rare.

[edit] WKC2 Gigas'

The General Gigas & Duke Gigas are new additions to the franchise and tend to be long boss battles due to the unusual method of killing them.

The enemies always start off in a Full Shield with very high physical and magical defense until they later transform into their main form after taking a certain amount of damage.

[edit] How to Kill WKC2 Gigas'

To destroy the General Gigas & Duke Gigas shield you must attack one of its four eyes on the shield if it is glowing. Doing so, effectively Turn Breaks its attacks, interrupting them and causing the Gigas to take recoil damage in the process. If you fail to attack the correct eye or are too slow, it will continue its attacks which can be devastating to an unprepared party or those not attacking from range.

After enough successful hits on the eyes it will transform into its main form where normal damage is applied, although it maintains its elemental resistance and resistance to thrust attacks.

Multi Eye Ostrich Form: Select a standing point where you can see three eyes. If any of them is gathering energy, it will be a white shining flow upwards on the surface around the eye. Hit the right eye will break its action move. It will also receive auto-damage when hit correctly. If you see none of those three eyes in flashing, hit the eye that you cant seen. You need to remember A,B,C,D position on its back.

Duel Blade Gigas Form: Normally transform when it lost 25% of its total health. Before it transforms, buff it all down or yourself all up.

[edit] Notes

  • There are several different type of Gigas' with more variations in WKC2 but all of the Gigas' listed here behave in a similar and (for the most part) have the same drops.
  • The Gigantes found in Vellgander : Section 1 are only the Alpha and Beta types however, the other Gigas' can be found in later levels of Vellgander.

For more information check the enemy boss for more details:

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