Georama Tips

  • Ramah in Balandor (grid E-11) will sell you the deed to start your Georama for 1,000 guilders. It becomes available after delivering the wine and leaving Balandor.
  • The first Job part gives full bonus (e.g., +3 +0 +2). Duplicate parts, up to the fifth, only give a maximum of 1 (e.g., +1 +0 +1). Additional parts after five give no bonus (i.e., +0 +0 +0).
  • To maximize your workers' stat contribution, assign workers to a foreman in the same "Job Class".
  • Specialize: If you focus on one job class at a time it can ensure your town sells top quality items rather then mediocre items from every class.
  • While there are several Job classes, there are only 3 harvest classes. A harvest class (miner, lumberjack, and farmer) is a class what provides lootable nodes throughout your georama. These nodes become lootable after completing quests on or offline. The higher your stats are in your georama, the better the harvest materials become. (Note: Chefs also have one job part that is lootable)
  • To make your town attractive for visitors, group harvest nodes close to the quest manager. Keep the nodes spaced adequately to allow for easy navigation.
  • The number of "active" harvest nodes after a quest depends on your Georama level. (e.g., 5 nodes at Georama 7) Excessive nodes adds clutter and increases harvest time (by requiring additional exploration); these factors may work against the overall appeal of your town. Give selection, but don't go overboard!

[edit] Tips towards getting a 50/50/50 Town

  • Getting a 50 capped skill in all 3 sub-professions of a Job Class in your Georama gives you a uniform signifying your achievement! Each gives different stat bonuses depending on the craft you choose. This armor can be upgraded once you reach Guild Rank 13 and upgrade your town to Georama 8 by purchasing coins to take to the binding posts.
  • Make sure every building's foreman is the job class you wish to achieve max stats with. Assigning workers with different job classes will still give you bonus points.
  • The foreman receives +1 bonus to all his stats that is not 0 for each worker assigned to him.
  • After achieving the star by the Georama stat you do not have to keep it at max, the final items are given out when you have stats of 40 and above.

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