Georama Armor

  • Several armor sets exist, that become only available if the player's georama meets the prerequisites.
  • "Georama Armor" is not the official name of these items, but players have chosen it, because no spefic name existed for them before.
  • Basicially there are four tiers of geo armor. The first one only requires specific geo stats, while the other three require specific coins, which in turn require specific stats AND georama level. Georama level is also limited by your GR. See this page for more info.
  • Tier 1 and 2 items cannot be enhanced, but tier 3 and 4 can. So the stats of the tier 2 item table are final.

[edit] Tips

  • The first tier does not require a specific georama level or GR, but before geo level 7 it is nearly impossible to get one stat to 50.
  • Tier 2 sets have highest single stat bonuses in game, so the hunter/misty/ruler/lily sets are best for more damage.
  • The defenses of these sets are pretty low, so it's not recommended to use them for melee characters, unless they fight weak enemies or are combined with other items.

[edit] Lists

The following pages list all geo armor sets and their prerequisites.

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