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[edit] Georama

As in WKC1, Georama is a town which only the Avatar can visit, and serves as a host location for online play.

[edit] Acquiring Georama

After obtaining the White Knight's Knight Ark a merchant in Balandor near the south exit will offer to sell you the Property Deed for a low price of 1,000G. You will need to leave Balandor before the option to purchase the deed becomes available.

Note: If you are in a New Game+ then you will not need to repurchase the Land Rights. Just exit and re-enter Balandor.

[edit] Editing

Georama can be edited at a Logic Stone location or on the world map. Here you are able to alter the town's appearance and settings to your desires.

[edit] Layout

Layout allows you to place, adjust and remove town parts, which are divided into houses, job parts, scenery and foundations. Houses are required to have residents, job parts relate to shops as well as parts which affect the jobs residents have, scenery is for decorative purposes, and foundations change the layout of the land.

[edit] Georama Parts

Please see the main article GeoRama Parts

[edit] Georama Statues

Please see the main article Georama Statues

[edit] Develop Property

When conditions are reached the player can expand Georama's total size, allowing for more space. Each development requires money and certain other rules, such as a certain amount of residents or a specific guild level.

Level Max Poly. # of Harvestable
Guilder Residents Placed Poly. Used Guild Rank Other
1 1,200 2 - - - - Default
2 1,400 2 2,000G - - - -
3 1,600 3 6,000G - - - Armoury Placed
4 1,800 3 18,000G 3+ 500+ - -
5 2,000 4 54,000G 5+ - 12+ -
6 2,200 4 100,000G 6+ 800+ - -
7 2,400 5 150,000G 8+ 1,200+ - -
8 2,600 6 250,000G 10+ - 19+ -
9 2,800 6 350,000G 12+ - 20+ -
10 3,000 7 730,000G 14+ - 21+ -

[edit] Uploading Your Georama

Before you can visit your georama on geonet, you must upload it. This is a simple process and can be done in a few simple steps.

  • Sign on to your Geonet
  • Click Main Page
  • Enter Hometown
  • From this menu, scroll over twice to the right.
  • Click Upload Hometown
  • This will link your georama online, but you must re-upload everytime you make a change offline for it to reflect these changes in your georama during online play. Also, uploading your Georama while there is an open lobby in your town does not close that lobby, but no one else may join the town after you're re-updated.

[edit] Complementary Jobs And Materials

As with WKC1, the new Georama system has a number of complementary (or sub-) jobs which must be increased to set values in order to unlock the highest level of materials for purchase in your Item Store.

  • High Grade Materials: 40 in Main Job and 20 in the Complementary Job
  • Highest Grade Materials: 60 in Main Job and 50 in the Complementary Job

Primary Job Complementary Job
Farmer (Flowers) Mage (Plants)
Farmer (Cotton) Lumberjack (Timber)
Farmer (Mushrooms) Warrior (Bugs)
Miner (Ore) Mage (Automata)
Miner (Fossils) Warrior (Dragons)
Miner (Crystals) Chef (Lizard)
Lumberjack (Timber) Warrior (Trolls)
Lumberjack (Lumber) Chef (Greavers)
Lumberjack (Insects) Farmer (Mushrooms)
Warrior (Bugs) Farmer (Cotton)
Warrior (Trolls) Miner (Fossils)
Warrior (Dragons) Mage (Giants)
Mage (Automata) Miner (Crystals)
Mage (Plants) Lumberjack (Lumber)
Mage (Giants) Chef (Beasts)
Chef (Greavers) Farmer (Flowers)
Chef (Beasts) Miner (Ore)
Chef (Lizards) Lumberjack (Insects)

[edit] Resident list

To have high stats, you need georama parts as well as residents here's the list of residents available in the game.

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