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[edit] Introduction to Geoforging

Much like binding, geoforging allows you to make equipment, items and enemy drops by binding two or more Geostones that can only be obtained once you are a member of a guild.

You can only geoforge in your Guild's hometown but you can obtain Geostones when you complete any quest, in any town, after using a Guild Coin at the start of the quest.

The stones required in the recipe for Geoforging are random within rank. Example if the recipe is: Hard x2 + Rare x1. It could involve any of the 4 Hard rank + any of the 2 Rares. Today it could be Cancer Quartz x2 + Virgo Quartz x1, and tomorrow it could be Libra Gem x2 + Pisces Gem x1.

[edit] Geoforging Lists

Below are the list of items that can be available in your guild's Geoforging list. The items are randomly chosen each day and depend on your Guild Level. You won't be able to forge anything exciting until your guild town attains a higher level.

[edit] Equipment Geoforging

[edit] Monster Drops

[edit] Other Geoforging

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