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The Geonet services for the North American and European versions of White Knight Chronicles and White Knight Chronicles II have been terminated, and can no longer be accessed.

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[edit] What is GeoNet

Geonet is a place for adventurers to gather online. Write entries in your Adventure Log and share them with everyone, or create a "HomeTown" where you can meet friends and embark on new adventures.

  • You'll need a network connection and a PlayStation Network account to use GeoNet.
  • GeoNet is unlocked after viewing the world map once the Greydall Plain has been unlocked in the story.

[edit] GeoNet Services

To access the full services of GeoNet you must first find a Logic Stone (Save Point). You may access a select few of these services via the menu using the Tri.png button to make it appear.

The Services they offer are:

Sign In

Here you can fully connect to all the online services that GeoNet has to offer

Online Status

Here you may change your status to Online or Offline and create a comment that your friends will be able to see.

Friends List

Here you can view all your friends online statuses, as well as Recent Companions, and your Block List.


Here you can view or delete photos taken with the Crystal Camera.

Edit Georama

Here you can edit your HomeTown and buy parts, after you have purchased your Property Deed from Ramah.

Visit Georama

Visit the HomeTown you have created without the need to upload it to GeoNet.

[edit] Main Page

Once signed in you will be asked to create a World ID. You simply select a suffix to be placed at the end of your PSN ID, This suffix can be changed at any time in the settings. Here you have access to all the online functions of the game. Once you have accepted all the terms you will be taken to your Homepage. Here you can navigate the difference sections of the GeoNet pages.

The Main page displays the basic elements of a player. When visiting a players Main page you will be shown their Greeting, Level, Guild Rank, and Character name. Here it will also display the players Hometown image and the time and date it was most recently updated.

When viewing your own Main Page it will not display your Greeting, In its place you will find updates for yourself. Such as new GeoNet Updates, B-mail, and Adventure Log Comments.

[edit] Adventure Logs

Adventure Logs are diaries that are saved on GeoNet. Use them to record your adventures and communicate with other players. These Logs can be viewed and commented on by anyone unless set as private. You may place an photo that was taken with the Crystal Camera to be uploaded with the log. You image will always appear at the start of the Log unless specified by using the insert tag "[img01]".

Log Limits

  • Maximum number of Log entries: 1,000
  • Maximum number of comments per Log: 100
  • Character limit for Log titles: 30
  • Character limit for main body of Log: 10,000
  • Character limit for comments: 2,000
  • Maximum number of images per Log: 1

[edit] HomeTown

All players have a home base of sorts on their GeoNet HomePage. This is referred to as the "Hometown". This is essentially used as a hub for online quests. From any HomeTown you can play online with people in existing rooms, or create a new room yourself. This is where most of the online experience will take place when you are not on quests. Also it is important to note that you receive a 20% discount from certain items in your own town to encourage you to make one.

Searching for random HomeTowns is made easy using the "Room Search" Function, where you can search for a room closest to your level, Guild Rank, or simply a completely random room.

Checking the "Overview" of the town will allow you to view its Development level, Number of residents, and stats.

Room Limits

  • Maximum number of rooms per HomeTown: 20
  • Maximum number of players per room: 12
  • Character limit for room names: 20
  • Character limit for passwords: 10

[edit] Friends

Adding friends gives many benefits some of which includes viewing their online status, viewing their comment, quicker access to their new Logs, and you can quickly find your friend using the "Locate" function.

Adding a friend can be done several ways:

  • Simple Friend Request
  1. Choose [Add a Friend] in your Homepage [Friends List] and enter the player's PSN ID.
  2. When the player is found, a window will appear.
  3. Choose [Yes].
  4. Once the other party adds you, you will become friends.

This is by far the most difficult way to add a friend since the other player will get no notification that you wish to be friends.

  • Adding friends with B-mail
  1. Choose [Friend Request] from the command menu that appears after choosing the player's character name at the top of their HomePage's main page.
  2. Once the other player approves the request, you will become friends.

Best way to proceed when you are not face to face with the other player or he/she is offline.

  • Adding Friends In-game
  1. Target a player and open the target menu
  2. Choose [Send Friend Request]
  3. Once the other player approves the request, you will become friends.

Hands down the best way to add a friend

Friend Limit

  • Maximum number of Friends: 50

[edit] More Logs

This page is split into 3 sections Friends' Logs, Latest Logs, and History.

  • Friends' Logs lists up to 30 Logs that Friends have made within the last 48 hours
  • Latest Logs lists 100 of the newest Logs from all across GeoNet over the last sever days.
  • Your History lists the 40 most recent comments you have posted to any Logs over the last seven days.

[edit] Message Board

The Message Board is a shard discussion forum where all the players registered with GeoNet can read and post messages. Players can create new topics as well as add comments to existing topics. The Message Board is a useful communication and organization tool.

Message Board Limits

  • Maximum topic count: 1,000
  • Title Length limit: 30 characters
  • Topic length limit: Approx. 10,000 characters
  • Comment length limit: Approx. 2,000 characters

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