Gems/Elemental Stones

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This information is taken from the Japan Masterwiki, I've posted as a guideline to what is needed and will be updating as soon as the mats needed in the EU/NA version can be confirmed.
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  • The recipes are calculated as they appear in your guild, and could be different from day to day. They will always be the same equation though, if recipe is Normalx1 + Hardx1, it could involve any combination of 1 Normal and 1 Hard.

[edit] Gems/Elemental Stones

Item Number Made Geostone 1 Geostone 2 Geostone 3
Chromium Gem Lv. 9 1 Rare x3 Rare x2
Guardian Gem Lv. 9 1 Rare x3 Rare x2
Chromium Gem Lv. 7 3 Aries Quartz x2 Scorpio Gem x2
Guardian Gem Lv. 7 3 Gemini Quartz x2 Libra Gem x2
Flame Crystal 3 Libra Gem x2 Aries Quartz x2
Gale Crystal 3 Scorpio Gem x2 Aries Quartz x2
Terra Crystal 3 Gemini Quartz x2 Sagittarius Gem x2
Rain Crystal 3 Gemini Quartz x2 Aries Quartz x2
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