GEORAMA Level & prices for upgrades


I've been playing White Knight Chronicles for over 3 months now 

and i have looked all over and i never see a tread or any other information about what i needed to level my town up and get it better so i took this time out of questing and leveling to find out what i need to have cash wize on my town to upgrade my town from level 1-7 (sorry im only GR 8 still working on GR9) but i figured this would help new players out Enjoy hope it helps everyone out

Georama Level 1

Costs 1,000G To Buy The Deed 
Georama Level 2

Costs 2,000G
Georama Level 3

Costs 6,000G
Armory Placed

Georama Level 4

Costs 18,000G
3+ Residents Assigned 
500+ Polyn Used

Georama Level 5
Costs 54,000G
5+ Residents Assigned 
Guild Rank 7
Georama Level 6

Costs 132,000G
6+ Residents Assigned
800+ Polyn Used
Georama Level 7
Cost 165,000g 
8+ Residents Assigned
1,200 Polyn Used
Georama Level 8
Cost 470,000G  
10+ Residents Assigned
Guild Rank 13
Will Send New Update As I Level To Guild Rank 13
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