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[edit] Importing your White knight chronicles 1 save

I'm sure you all know you can import your save from the first game in the second, but many are asking what will be kept or not. Here's the answer.

[edit] What will be kept

  • Your avatar (you can remake it if you want, including name and gender change).
  • Your level (up to level 35).
  • Your items.
  • Your storages (characters, items, equipment).
  • Your money.
  • Your guild rank. *
  • Your key items.
  • Your georama.
  • Your binding rank.
  • Your adventure log.
  • Your friend list.

*You keep the rank but your number of guild points become 0, each guild rank begins at 0 points so you're actually at the beginning of the guild rank you had in WKC1.

[edit] What won't be kept

  • Your skills are reset.
  • Your rebirth count become 0 (so you lose all skillpoints, you gained through rebirth).
  • Your equipment upgrades (for example +5 or +10 will be removed, as well as elements).
  • Your favorite georama towns "Favorites".
  • What you bind in WKC1 (you keep the items, but the check marks in the list disappear).
  • WKC 1 trophies and all associated info are not carried over (so you must re-bind everything).

[edit] What bonus will you get when importing

There are 3 possible bonuses depending on what you did in the first game :

[edit] Differences between WKC1 and WKC2 (incomplete)

A new game means improvements, even if the first game is included on the disc. Here are some differences between the 1st and the 2nd game.

[edit] General gameplay

  • Max level is now 80.
  • Max guild rank is now 30.
  • Some quests will allow 6 players to participate. *
  • Arc knights can be used in quests, the number of player in knights form simultaneously is defined for each quest allowing this. *
  • Offline quests can be played alongside your story character.
  • Some emote can be used to recover HP/MP quicker.
  • Only one harvest is needed to get every item from an harvest node.
  • Having 255 of a harvestable material no longer allows for 'additional' harvesting and therefore no way to force high-tier harvests.
  • New types of quests :
    • Residents quests, given by town inhabitants in story mode.
    • Bounty where you kill the target monster.

*Doesn't apply to quests originated from WKC1 lies

[edit] Offline Story Party

  • You can not directly control party members in offline quests
  • Party members can be set using the following AI modes:
    • Act Freely (Auto)
    • All-Out (Will use combos and AC skills)
    • Conservative (Will not use combos or AC skills)
    • Defensive
    • Healing (Will heal HP and even MP if the appropriate skills have been learnt and set)
  • R1+Analog replaces L3 for assigning tactics to party members:
    • R1+Up = Act Freely (Inline with set AI in menu)
    • R1+Left = Focus on One Target
    • R1+Down = Fall back
    • R1+Right = Spread out and attack
  • R1+Triangle/Square replaces R3 for prompting party members to take action (Inline with set AI in menu)

[edit] Skills

  • Every skill tree have been changed.
  • AC charging skills (Anima, Placid heart and Prayer) disappeared.
  • Passive ability can no more be unlocked by learning only the "master" part of the tree, so more SP will be needed to get them all. See Passive Skill guide for more info.
  • Area of effect skills (including buffs and healing skills) have their range indicated by a line (circle, cone or cuboid).

[edit] Weapons & Magic

  • Long swords and axes don't have VIT decrease anymore.
  • Weapon buff skills (cry, stance, aura, field) last longer and are more effective.
  • Some skills are counter attacks, reducing damage then dealing some.
  • Some skills can be charged, mashing a button to deal more damage.
  • Bows and staffs users are able to restore MP.
  • Tier IV added to elemental magic.
  • Holy spell (divine magic) useful against some specific enemies.
  • No more "Inspire" spell.
  • Some new weapon types have increased critical rate but lesser durability.
  • New "killer" ability on some weapons, doing more damage on specific monster species.

[edit] Combat

  • The action circle begins to fill when the move begins, not when it ends like in WKC1.
  • The action circle is already filled when you draw your weapon.
  • Many skills now cost MP rather than AC.
  • Using heavier armor makes you harder to be blown away than lighter armors.
  • Some enemies can fly. So only bows, magic and air attacks can reach them when they're in this state.
  • Many monsters resistances and weaknesses aren't the same anymore.
  • Hitting an enemy weakness will display damage in yellow.

[edit] Equipment

  • Binding recipse have (in most cases) been simplified (they require less materials and lower earlier weapon enhancement levels.)
  • New UNID (UNIdentifieD) equipments:
    • Are found in GR15+ quests. (Different types of equipment - Swords, Axes, Bows etc. have a set chance to drop from specific quests, allowing you to target specific equipment.)
    • Are stronger than their bound versions (Once appraised they take their appropriate name.)
    • Have to be appraised at a Weapon Store.
    • Are either labelled 'U' (Common) or 'G' (Less common with better stats.)
    • Stats. are random (and scale with the level of the item.)
      • Stats. are set when you receive the drop (So you can not save, reset and reload to change the values you receive when you Appraise the UNID.)
    • Comes with +10 enhancement.
    • Can have enhancements reset.
  • Equipment storage doubled, you can now have 500 equipment in it.

[edit] Arc Knights

  • Your avatar can use their own knight. (You need to complete a level 55 Bounty in the Dogma Rift to acquire the Arc.)
  • It can be customized, you can change parts, weapon, color.
    • Many of the Knight equipment items require rare items (Fire Dragon Skull+, Aged Dragon Skull+, Shiny Metal Lump, Coronastone, Fulgurstone, Dull Turret, Magestone Turret etc.) to bind.
  • Every attack is AOE.
  • An ability can transfer every damage taken by the allies in the area to the knight.

[edit] GeoRamas

  • Maximum values for Job Stats. are now 60 (once a Statue is placed)
  • Statues can be commissioned using Dahlia points and:
    • Cost 100 Dahlia points
    • Represent the various creatures (and knights) of WKC2
    • Take ~60 minutes to complete and be made available for placement (An A or S Rank in a quest will reduce this by 15 minutes)
      • The process can be made instant by purchasing a Prism Ticket from PSN (Costs 100 Yen for one ticket = ~75 pence or ~1.2 Dollars)
    • Have various beneficial effects (ranging from increased item yield per harvest, increased number of harvestable nodes and increase in Job Stats.)
    • Come in 8 'Packs', each containing a selection of statues
    • Are classified as 'Normal', 'Bounty Quest' or 'Rare'
    • Have a set percentage to be acquire when the commission is completed
    • Cumulative percentages for all statues is 100% for each pack (meaning you will always receive a statue when the commission is completed)
  • The upgrade requirements for Geo plots have been changed - GR12 is required to upgrade a plot to level 5, GR19 for level 8, GR20 for level 9 and GR21 for level 10. (Upgrade cost, number of Poly used and number of residents remain the same as in WKC1)
  • Maximum Poly count is still 3000

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