The Archduchy of Faria is an area exclusive to White Knight Chronicles II.

[edit] Story

At the beginning of the game, Faria is torn in between civil war, as a result of Archduke Dalam's death and they battle for power. Ban Nanazel controls the Red Army and recieves help from the Magi. Ban Lorias is part of the other group, the Green army. Lorias sends Scardigne to bring Miu out of the city, but they are chased by the Red Army. After the events in the events in the Lost Forest, Miu, Scardigne, Leonard and Co. defeat Nanazel, save father Yggdra, and restored order to Faria. Father Yggdra gives Leonard the Retrospecticon.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Treasure

Treasure chests marked with NG+ can only be obtained by playing New Game+ on the original White Knight Chronicles disk only. Playing New Game+ on the WKC2 disk provides no additional treasure chests in any area.
    Map Ref Item Other Details NG+
    D3 Mana Potion II Main city area, Street on the east side of the river
    D3 Lump of Gold Main city area, By the docks
    C2 Bag Of Gold Dust Main city area, Northwest corner on a hill
    C2 Mana Potion III Main city area, Very small courtyard near the Incorruptus Workshop
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