Eldore (エルドア)
Job Traveler
Age Currently Over 10,000 Years Old
Weapon Knight Sword
Voice Actor Tsukayama Masane/Charles Shaughnessy

[edit] Background

Eldore is by far the oldest member of the group, though he is in excellent shape for his age. He is one of the more mysterious members of the party, as his calm and collected manner hides a man who clearly has an agenda of his own.

He arrived in the city shortly before the attack on Princess Cisna's ball. He demonstrated a remarkable affinity for magic as he slipped past the castle guards. However, all was not as it seemed. Eldore infiltrated the castle to protect the Princess from the Magi, even going so far as to dispatch a Bigelow, a communications bird, to track her after she's kidnapped.

Eldore soon ends up one of the more valuable members of the group. His experience in battle and with magic gives him an advantage that most of the party members lack. They trust his plans implicitly, and value his input in battle.


[edit] Abilities

Eldore lacks the ability to learn skills related to the Axe and Spear weapons.

Outside of combat, Eldore appears to possess some sort of Jedi mindtrick, which he uses to initially enter Balandor after being stopped by a guard.

[edit] Notes

  • Other websites refer to Eldore as Erudoa.
  • It is referenced several times in the story that Eldore is skilled with Magic, however, due to the player's ability to choose where to spend skill points with for each party member, Eldore may end up with very little skill in magic.
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