Duke of Faria

Duke of Faria
Job Archduke of Faria

[edit] Background

The Archduke of Faria is the supreme leader of the nation of Faria. At present, it is unknown if the Archduke is the only ruler, or if there is a king under whom the Archduke serves. However it is inferred that the Archduke is similar to that of the King of Balandor. The only current Archduke to be show in the game is Archduke Dalam.

[edit] Dalam

The only Archduke to be show as of yet is Archduke Dalam. He arrives in Balandor on the day of the Princess's Ball, in an attempt with the King Valtos of Balandor to create peace between the two warring nations. He speaks with a nasally, condescending attitude. During the Princess's Ball, the Magi storm the castle in search of the Knight and Princess Cisna, assassinating Archduke Dalam in the process. Without their leader, Sarvain assumes the War Faction of Faria will blame Balandor for their Archduke's death, causing the Kingdoms to fall back into war.

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