Dragonseye Shard


[edit] Drops From

  • none

[edit] Quest Loot

  • none

[edit] Purchased From

  • online town : 168.000g
* available towns : manthos1972
  • bind shop
* recipe: 
 * ?

[edit] Farmed From

  • Feeding Time 2 (gr22); C-4 [Glowing Stone, Underground], this harvest point is in the big room(c-4) bottom left corner
  • House Money 2 (gr24); C-3(north-most) [Rough Soil]<--**The quickest way. In first room with no fighting necessary.
  • Any georama with a 60 stat in ores and dragons

(gr24) a better mousetrap II L3 [Rough Soil] behind treant

[edit] Minimum Guild Rank Required

  • Guild Rank 22+

[edit] Used in

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