Dragon Egg

A rare and valuable dragon egg. Often used for medicinal purposes.

Dropped by:

[edit] Tips

Follow this method to make it easier to get the Dragon Egg's:

  1. Start the quest Take Your Lumps
  2. Get the Pick-Axe and then activate the Elevator
  3. Go to the Earth Dragon located in D1 of floor B1. Along the way be sure to gain some AC and have a 1AC Non-elemental combo ready.
  4. When you're at the Earth Dragon use the 1AC ability on the Tail. If you're sufficiently strong enough you will get the Dragon to drop an item
  5. Stop attacking the Dragon and quickly head towards the Elevator and to Floor B2
  6. When you reach Floor B2, head straight back up to B1
  7. Repeat Steps 4-6, Rinse, then Repeat again until you have the items, and number of them that you desire

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