Job Magi general
Age Unknown
Weapon Dark Blade
Voice Actor Daniel Riordan


[edit] Background

Dragias is the general of the group the Magi. He transforms into the Black Knight. He chases after Leonard and Co. trying to get the white knight ark and the dragon knight ark from them to complete the Magi goal uniting all of the knights.

Little is known of the black knight's identity because he never removes his helmet, but it is speculated that the general himself is simply a stage role played by several people to strike fear into the hearts of innocents. If a tactician is needed, a competant one will wear the armor. If a soldier is needed, General Dragias' role will be filled by a warrior and so fourth..


[edit] Basic's

[edit] Info

Dregias is said to be the perfect leader, able to adapt to any situation.

[edit] Requirements (for confrontation)
[edit] Boss Location

6th floor of Vellgander : Section 3.

[edit] Strengths and Weaknesses

    Body Part Slash.gif Strike.gif Thrust.gif Fire.gif Water.gif Wind.gif Stone.gif
    Body Uparrow.png Uparrow.png Uparrow.png Uparrow.png

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