Don't Fear the Greaver

[edit] Dont Fear the Greaver

A mutant pygmy greaver in Frass Chasm has been giving everyone fits. Kill the thing before it matures and starts causing real problems.

Area Found Frass Chasm
Target(s) Zur (K-6)
Unlocks When Story Chapter 6 part 3
Suggested Level 30+
EXP 1500
Reward Items Castleguard Spear x1, Chromium Pearl Lv. 4 x1, Guardian Pearl Lv. 4 x1
Guilder Reward 900G
GR Points 5000

[edit] Info

Zur is easy enough to find in the central opening of the east area, without crossing chasms. Protect your characters against poisoning, and equip the appropriate cures and spells to deal with the status' effects. The greaver's body is weak against Thrust and Air attacks, whereas the tail is weak only against Air. Target the limbs to bring it to the ground, rendering it vulnerable to several follow-up attacks.

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