Divine Mushroom

Harvested from:

* F-6 (Flowers), grass clump almost against southern rocky wall. Somewhat difficult to spot at first. 
* K-5 (Flowers), North (On Vespid Side)
* Between I-5 and J-5 (Mushrooms) (On Spider Side)
Wyvern Regina Area: Turn in 10 Sturdy Wings to Wing Engineer (Wing Mechanic in North American version) and then speak to Wentall for lift off to access the below nodes. Harvest before initiating boss battle. It's recommended that you suicide during said battle if you're looking for a high quantity of this item and to speed up the process.
* F-4 (Mushrooms) East, large fungi (next to three normal-sized dandelions)
* E-4 (Mushrooms), large fungi (center of E-4, against rock wall)

the best quest I found is Root of all evil 2 Got 4 in one run

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