Divine Beast Fossil

This material may be purchased or harvested (via White Boulder or Fossilized Rock node) at a Georama as of Patch 1.01. Currently this is the quickest method available with the introduction of the Free Quests and an optimal Georama setup with at least 7 harvestable nodes.

Simply create and start any Free Quest, interact with the nearest NPC twice, and select the Quit option. The quest will complete and you may harvest any available nodes back at the Georama. You may repeat the process afterwards.

The following requirements for harvest and purchase are as followed:

Georama Stats: 

At least one statue present
60 Fossil
50 Dragon

General Store Prices:

140,000 G (Owner)
168,000 G (Guest)

[edit] Quest Locations

* F-5 (E part)
* D-2, Located behind a locked up Rocco (Broken Rock)
* Take West elevator up to Floor B1, Northwest D-1 (Rough Soil)
* D-2 (right broken crate, lizard's pit)
* Found at C4 and K6


  • By calling the elevator first (ignore the first enemy mob if possible) before heading towards the first node and then finally boarding the elevator for the second one, you'll save roughly 20 to 23 seconds of waiting time.
  • Bringing a Mage (either player or NPC) along equipped with strong water AoE spells will help defeat enemies for quicker access to the Old Key and the first fossil node. For NPC(s): +Tidal Wave (or greater), set to "Go All Out" for NPC Tactics, remove other attack skills from their command bars if necessary. Just remember to have at least one other water spell that does not require AC (such as +Blizzard), otherwise your NPC(s) will use Staff Strike to build AC to use said strong AoE spells. This strategy is especially useful for Harden-using Scorpions which will tend to add time to a DBF run for a physical-only party.

[edit] Used in

  • Sun God Tear
  • Aragami Armor & Cuisses enhancements
  • Heracle's Armor & Cuisses enhancements
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