Desperate Defense

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Desperate Defense
Locations:Greydall Plain
Unlocks When:Access World Map after March 24
Guild Ranks:1317
Suggested Level:41+61+

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • Guest character Captain Robert must stay alive, otherwise the quest is failed. He is equipped with a one-handed sword (no shield) and rushes the enemies, so keep his HP up and buff his DEF.
  • Casting Fate Favor on Captain Robert is a very good idea before heading into the next battle.
  • Ideally this quest should be run with a full party - With one members sole purpose being keeping Captain Robert fully healed and buffed.
  • Having either a Spear or Short Sword Tank in this quest will really help keep Captain Robert alive. (Bear in mind that the Tank must keep the aggro until the Bosses are slain and that they must try and keep their distance from Captain Robert, as he has a tendency to rush the enemies.)
  • During the Third Wave, concentrate on killing the Betapente Gigas (aquamarine one) first, as its AoE Magic attacks can hit Captain Robert even when aimed at one of your party members (especially your Tank.)

Updated for WKC2

[edit] Reward

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