Demithor in Peril

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Demithor in Peril
Unlocks When:Access World Map after March 31
Guild Ranks:1419
Suggested Level:46+71+


[edit] Walkthrough

  • Defeat the Gigantes at the stars to unlock the gates.
  • Note: The party will be split up into separate groups: one for the east and one for the west.
  • Each side needs to kill 3 Gigantes.
  • Make your way to the elevator.
  • Take elevator down to Level 3 and proceed forward to begin the boss battle.

  • Team 1 & 3*

You will start on the east side. The second room you enter will have two paths and a switch, switch it to the right to unlock the right door. Head through that door to your first star/Gigas. In the next room (The one before your second star) there is a Magi Officer on the bridge and in the room to the south. After defeating the two officers, head to the room to the north and kill your second star/Gigas. After that Gigas is dead, there is a small room to the north with a switch that needs to go right. Head out the right door and turn left to enter the room between the two drains. In here is the third magi officer. Kill him and then turn around and head down the right drain. Kill all the enemies in the room which sometimes includes another Magi Offier (If he is not in here, he is in the outside room). Ignore the switches and head straight into the room to kill your final star/Gigas. You may then go and help Team 2 & 4!

  • Team 2 & 4*

You will start on the west side. There are no switches on this side, nor any magi officers until you defeat the third gigas. Go south for the first gigas. After you defeat it, go through the door, head north in the hallway and drop down the drain in the north-west room. Go to the gigas to the north, and defeat it. Finally, go through the 3 doors to the east and defeat the third gigas in the room to the south. (This room is below the north-east drain, but this drain is locked.) If you want to assist the other team or kill magi officers, make sure to pick up the Key of Union from the chest just east of the third gigas (the one you see when heading to the elevator.) Magi officers on the west side:

  • From the elevator on the second floor, go west. Follow the path to the south-east drain room and kill the magi officer there.
  • Flip the switch in the small room nearby, then go west to the #3 gate controls. Set the levers to Right-Left-Right, and the gate to the south will open. Kill the magi officer inside.
  • Head back east (near switch room), and go south to go up to the first floor. Just before the upper level of the 4 drain rooms, go east, then south, and kill the magi officer all the way in the back. (He's right next to the door to the floor 1 elevator, but that door is broken.)
  • Go back north to the hallway, and open the door to the east with the Key of Union, then kill the magi officer in the room to the north. Only the person with the key can open this door! (Have your team member give it to you via the item menus if they are waiting at the elevator still.)
  • Go to the elevator to the south (this door is not locked), and you can go east to assist the other team or kill the two magi officers on/south of the bridge.

[edit] Subquest

  • Kill Magi Officers to obtain Magi Officer Badges. Have at least 8 badges amongst all party members before you start the boss fight.
  • If your party has at least 6 badges, you can fight a Pyredaemos Rex immediately after the Lamia.
  • There are no extra bonus points for completing this subquest, but the Pyredaemos Rex's enemy bonus is helpful in ensuring an S rank, if you're having trouble completing it with an S rank otherwise.

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • The Magi Officers drop the quest item Magi Officer Badge, as part of the subquest.
  • The elevator remains broken until all six Gigas have been defeated.
  • The specific mix of the six Gigas will vary each time the quest is run.
  • Party members for this quest have a specific order, 1st & 3rd will be teamed together, as will and 2nd & 4th. So, choose who you wish to be partied with, this can prove useful with 2 DPS and 2 Healers or which ever order you choose.
  • Once you finish your 3 Gigas's it is possible to go help the other side out.
  • The GR14 (I would like if someone can confirm this, I've done GR 14 solo offline multiple times and he never drops tier 3 loot) Pyredaemos Rex drops tier 3 materials (e.g. Magebeast Helm+, Magestone Turret, etc.) The loot box, however, will yield Pyredaemos tier 2 materials (e.g. Destroyer Fang, Old Turret, etc.) despite having killed a Pyredaemos Rex.
  • Defeating the GR14 Lamia will give ~75000 GP, Pyredaemos Rex will increase that to ~85000 GP (for S rank). If team 1&3 has yet to start the third gigas when team 2&4 are done with theirs, one member of team 2&4 can easily cover all the magi officers on the west side while the other waits at the elevator. (NOTE THAT YOU MUST BE SINGED INTO PSN TO GET THE EXTRA 40,000 GUILD POINTS UPON S RANK COMPLETION!!)

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

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