Job Captain of Balandor's Troops
Weapon Sword

[edit] Background

Sir Cyrus of Balandor is the highest ranking general in the Kingdom of Balandor, behind only in line of power to Sarvain. He is freicously loyal to Balandor and despise the Farians. He looks upon the King of Balandor as his own father. When he was a young orphan boy, he found Queen Floraine's necklace and brought it back to the queen, gaining an audience with the King in the process. Indebted to the young Cyrus, The King offered Cyrus a reward of any sort. When he did not give anything he wanted, the King said that for his reward, Cyrus had permission to call him father as long as he served Balandor, making Cyrus a vassal.

Upon the kings assassination, Cyrus's grief takes control of him, breaking down at the foot of his king's coffin, blaming himself for being unable to prevent his death. When Sarvain sends Leonard, Yulie, Avatar and Eldore on their mission, Cyrus insist that he goes along as well, but is instead asked to remain in Balandor to help calm down the panic populous. Not long after they left, however, a disagreement over the course of action to be taken caused him to leave the court and set out towards Faria to seek revenge for the King's death.

At random times through out the game, the player is clued into Cyrus' current location, although Cyrus is always a ways behind that of the player. At the end of the first game, it is still not clear how close Cyrus has gotten to the boarders of Faria.

[edit] Abilities

Cyrus is shown to be an expert swordsman.

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