A transparent crystal often used as a magical intermediary.


[edit] Locations

[edit] Purchased from

[edit] Collected from

[edit] Quest reward from

[edit] Tips

[edit] Using Quests
  1. Solo Star the Quest Brave Litton's Plight III
  2. Head behind the hut to the Crate
  3. Get the Items (and hopefully a Crystal)
  4. Go to the Save Point and Abort the Quest
  5. Go through Steps 1-4, Rinse and Repeat till you have the desired amount of Crystal'a
[edit] Using GeoNet
  1. Go to Sinca Village
  2. Leave via the EAST exit
  3. Enter the Van Haven Wastelands
  4. Head towards the first Save Point that you can get to (it's underground)
  5. To the west of the Save point there should be a harvest point where you can extract Crystal's
  6. You may need to defeat the Basilisk (and/or Ice Dragon depending on their placement and spawnings)
  7. Go back to the Save Point and Enter your GeoRama/View Your GeoRama
  8. Exit your GeoRama
  9. Repeat steps 5-8, Rinse and Repeat till you have the desired amount of Crystals

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