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  • GR unlocking List: Binding, Dahlia, Georama, Level, Quests
GR 20: LV 80, Geo Armor 2 items, new Knight weapons, Quests, dahlia accessories (-15/+15 attribute)
GR 21: Knight armor: Regina, Altar, Imperator and Arcana parts; Knight Gems III; Knight colors: Marine; dahlia accessories (-10, +15 two stats), Georama LV 10
GR 22: New bind stuff can be equipped, vellgander 2, new knight weapons: Obelius, Yrgane, Granliga, Terror Shield; Knight colors: Sky; New Quests: Feeding Time II, Just Deserts 2, Seasonal Travel 2
GR 23: Vel 3, 4 (complete all others), dahlia accessories (+/-18 one stat), New bind stuff can be equipped (LV 80/GR 23); Incorruptus: 4 new armor parts of each category (helm, boots, etc.)
GR 24: Vel 5, 6, Adventurers Guild: Graveyard Rift 2, House Money 2, [[A Better Mousetrap] 2

Dahlia Exchange: Guardian/Chromium Gem 4; Lunatea's Mask; Stat Resist acc II; Incorruptus: Argarach, Eberlehen, Lakshana, Ishtaris, Geoflare, Drega, Terror Shield, Regalia Shield; Gems IV (Power, Guardin, etc.); Grace accessories, which greatly increase stats upon transformation.

GR 25: Vel 7, 8; Advent guild: no quests, dahlia accessories (Better status effect protection); Incorruptus Workshop: 8 new parts for each armor section (verison II of all items).

Item Name Ingrediant Amount Location Target Special
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