Combat System


[edit] White Knight Chronicles 1

[edit] Basic information

  • Each character must equip a weapon. Each of these has a specific skillset, that determines what actions he/she can take during combat.
  • After learning these, they must be set in command bars, to be used.
  • Basic attacks can be used as often as you like, but stronger attacks consume MP and/or AC.
  • Characters start with full mana after a rest. It also replenishes over time, while the weapon is sheathed, even if enemies are around. Potions can also restore it.
  • AC (or action chips) are mainly gained in combat, by attacking enemies. Charge Drinks are also useful.
  • While exploring an area, enemies will be around (shown as red dots on radar). When pressing X while one of them is marked, the character will enter combat mode. The commandbars now appear in lower part of the screen, action ring on the right and HP of the party at top right.
  • When the action ring is filled, you can act (but you can walk around at all times).
  • It's speed is determined by the weapon you carry and your clothes. The heavier your weapon/armor, the slower you are. So a naked dagger wielder is fastest.
  • Attack animation speed varies. So quick animations are better, than slow ones.
  • See ingame tutorial, for how to setup your characters.
  • Combat in WKC 1 story mode is easy so you can basically play the way you want. If you can't defeat a specific enemy, updating your equipment and leveling up solves the problem.
  • See Staggering and Breaks for more drops on big enemies.

[edit] Attributes

  • Combat efficiency is determined by 6 attributes. These have general effects and skillset depent ones.
  • See the stats page for more information:

[edit] Attack Types

  • The game has two attack types: Physical types and elements.
  • Physical attack types: Slash, strike and thrust.
  • Elements: Fire, ice, earth and wind.
  • Each attack of a non-magic skillset has always one of the three physical types and some an additional magic type.
  • Weapons can also have magic types, so if you use a skill without an element, the weapons element is used.
  • If the weapon has an element, but you use an elemental skill, the weapon element is ignored.
  • Magic has no physical type.

[edit] Strengths and weaknesses

  • Each enemy has different strengths and weaknesses to attack types.
  • If you hit an enemies strong point, your damage is significantly reduced, roughly by factor 0,5 or 0,75.
  • Attacking enemy weaknesses multiplies base damage between 1,5 and 2,0.
  • Physical types have higher priority than elements.
  • If the physical type of your physical/elemental attack does not match the enemy weakness, the element is ignored.
  • If the physical type of your physical/elemental attack does matches the enemy weakness, but the element does not, it is also ignored.
  • If both match the weaknesses, damage is increased by 2,5 or 3,0.
  • Elemental magic spells ignore physical damage types.
  • Every enemy is weak to at least one physical type, while some are strong against all elements. So non-magic user should have a non-elemental weapon and Magic users support the party in these cases.

[edit] White Knight Chronicles 2

  • See WKC 1 combat section above. Only differences are noted here.
  • Areas are populated with higher level enemies
  • Attributes lose their skillset dependent purposes. Only their general effects remain (like DEX, AGI and VIT determining 50% of non-magic damage skills).
  • Action ring recharges, even while attack animation is still in progress.
  • Casting time of spells is reduced.
  • Spells can be interrupted, even after casting animation of character is finished, but before spell animation starts.
  • Elemental magic has three new untyped spells (with no physical/elemental type), so magic users can finally fight enemies that are strong against all elements.
  • Normal and elite Enemies are more numerous
  • Normal and elite Enemies have different weaknesses than in WKC 1
  • Overall, combat difficulty is very much increased. To counter this, the player is advised to seek the most efficient party build. In order to achieve this, see Party Setup before distributing skill points in-game.
  • See the page Skillset Hints for general descriptions of each skillset their strengths/weaknesses, as well as tips when using them. Note that this page is not 100% objective.
  • Combos are not as effective as in WKC1 as there are no combo complete regardless if the combo have +10 slash, strike or thrust. 20 MP skills give more damage than combo and MP management stock with MP potions is a must. [Fixed] (There is still a combo finish. But there is not when an enemy dies before it's finished unlike WKC1.)
  • Bow and Staff have skills that recover MP. These can support the party to recover MP, so that high DPS skillsets like Axe can spam the Boss.
  • AC is best saved for Knight Transformation and for Bow/Staff to recover MP for the party. Bow uses 1 AC to recover MP for 1 ally while Mage uses 3 AC to recover MP for all allies in range (including himself).
  • Also see the Big Creature Status effects page, for some general tips, when fighting big monsters.

[edit] General Fighting tips

  • When playing online, make sure you are ready to face the coming challenges. Nothing is more annoying to other players, than waiting for someone for whatever reason (telephone, bathroom, wrong skillset loaded, armor/items in store, etc.).
  • It is not necessary, to learn a complete skilltree (unless you want the trophy).
  • Invest skillpoints in Divine Magic. It's healing and buffing options are useful for everyone.
  • Always attack the enemy's weakness, if possible.
  • Attack the same target as other players, because even monsters with 1 HP still deal full damage.
  • Carry Inspectacles with you if necessary, incase you forget the target's weaknesses or meet new enemies.
  • Repair your equipment and replenish items, after strenuous quests.
  • Avoid attacks with both a physical and element type from any skilltree. Elements of weapon attacks only cause extra damage, if the attack's physical type also matches the targets weakness. So you would need one elemental attack per element and physical type, resulting in 12 wasted slots. Weapons with element enchantment are more effective.
  • See Skillset Hints for skill dependant Fighting tips.

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