Class Guide: Staff


[edit] Role

Staff is a support class which has the most potent Elemental Magic damage and the highest Heals in the game. A Mage will be the primary Healer of any party. The trade-off for the Magical power is a low Melee damage potential (which can be offset at higher GRs) and relatively poor physical defence, accuracy and evasion.

[edit] Tips and Tactics

Staff has the highest Heals in the game, so you should always scale your Heals accordingly (remember – You have a low evasion, so Knock-Downs will be very common if you become the focus of an enemy.)

  • Heal and Heal All – General use when the party (or a member) has taken ~150 damage
  • Heal II and +Heal II – The most common selection in quests as it balances Cast time, MP and potency
  • Heal III and +Heal III – Only to be used in extreme circumstances when your party (or a member) is on the brink of death and the enemy(ies) have been staggered (Heal II is more useful when an enemy is active due to the lower cast time)

Stealth Magic can help improve your Evasion for a short time and is a very worthwhile skill to keep on the Command Bar.

If you can not 1-hit kill mobs, Sandman’s Mark is a good ability to utilise as has a chance to put the target to Sleep (therefore preventing any chance of a counter attack from the enemy.)

Mana Parasite is an essential skill if you intend to use Elemental Magic alongside the Staff.

Pray is essential as it will allow you to accumulate sufficient AC to utilise one of the Staff Trees biggest advantages – The Seeker skills.

The Elemental Seekers are essential skills to run alongside Elemental Magic as they significantly increase the damage potential of the associate Element (and stack with Magic Boost.) In addition, the Element is applied to the casters’ weapon, so a non-elemental weapon will take the elemental property of the Seeker (and will be significantly more damaging than a weapon applied with an Elemental Enhancement.) The final ‘secret’ of the Seeker skills is that they persist even when you change your weapon (even to another class) – Which allows you to increase the damage of any Melee class.

Due the 5AC cost of the Seeker skills, it is important to know when to use them. For mobs, an Elementally Enhanced Staff coupled with Inspire should be sufficient to dispatch them. A Seeker should only be used at the start of a Boss fight – As the 2-minute duration is normally sufficient to see an end to the target (with the exception of Soloing) and even if it should wear off, an Elemental Staff and Inspire will be sufficient to chip away at the last HP of a Boss.

For enemies with no elemental weakness (or even with elemental resistances) casting any of the Seeker skills will increase your damage potential against them both with the associated Element and with Melee attacks.

Both Elemental Magic (especially the AoE and AC cost spells) and Divine Magic attract a large amount of Aggro. from enemies – Which must be closely monitored lest you attract undue attention. (Remember you will not have the DEF to survive too many Physical attacks, will have a relatively low HP and do not have the AGI to evade them.) (For further information, refer to my Aggro. Management post:

[edit] Skills

Below are the key skills to the class, and the only ones you need to learn if you require extra SP for other classes and/or passives.

[edit] Melee Staff

At the lower GRs, the Staff class will serve as a catalyst for Elemental Magic damage, Healing and will not be utilised as a Melee Class; however, from GR12 onwards the possibility of Melee Staff is opened.

  • Staff Wallop – Required
  • Staff Smite – Required
  • Pummel – Required
  • Kibble Prod – Required
  • Troll Prod – Required
  • Propel – Required for Launch
  • Launch – A surprising effective 1AC skill used as the last attack in combos
  • ‘Element’ Staff (e.g. Flame Staff)
  • ‘Element’ Shock (e.g. Flameshock)
  • ‘Element’ Spirit’s Ire (e.g. Fire Spirit’s Ire)
  • ‘Element’ Seeker (e.g. Fire Seeker)
  • Sandman’s Mark – A 0 AC, 4 MP skill which can put the target to sleep
  • Mana Parasite – MP Leech skill which will allow you to utilise Divine Magic, Pray (and Elemental Magic when coupled with the next skill list)
  • Stealth Magic – Increases your Evasion
  • Pray – An essential skill to allow reliable use of the Seeker Skills and combos
  • Magic Boost – Required (And useful when coupled with the next skill list)
  • Magic Barrier - Required

[edit] Caster

(This set of skills is intended to be used alongside the ones listed above.)

The above skill list utilises one of the 4 elemental seeker skills to allow for additional SP to be made available for passives, but as a Caster it is prudent to have all 4 to maximise the potential of each element (both in terms of Melee attacks and Elemental Magic.)

  • Remainder of the ‘Element’ Staff skills
  • Remainder of the ‘Element’ Shock skills
  • Remainder of the ‘Element’ Spirit’s Ire skills
  • Remainder of the ‘Element’ Seeker skills

[edit] Skills to Avoid

The following skills utilise more AC and/or MP than the relative damage output (or effect) is worth, so for all intents and purposes should not be learnt (or used if you have the class at 100% for the Skill Tree trophy):

  • Divine Hammer
  • Thieves’ Magic
  • Spell Boost – Inferior to Magic Boost and not required to learn it
  • Spell Barrier - Inferior to Magic Barrier and not required to learn it

[edit] Passive Requirements

For Melee Staff:

SPR>STR>INT>HP>AGI>DEX>VIT>MP (Remember, you can use Mana Parasite to recover MP.)

For Caster:


[edit] Equipment

During the lower GRs, Staff will normally used in the Mage role and therefore will utilise INT equipment to maximise the Elemental Magic potential. From GR12 however, the Staff Melee option becomes viable (although its true potential requires GR14 and GR15 Armour items.)

[edit] Pre-GR10

The INT GeoRama armour is ideally suitable, but any Cloth armour will suffice.

  • Lily (Female) or Ruler’s (Male) – INT

[edit] GR10

  • Chest: Mystical Robe (Female) or Master Lorica
  • Arms: INT GeoRama (Lily Rings (Female)/Ruler’s Gloves (Male)) or Mystical Bracers (Female)/Master Guards
  • Legs: Elemental Slops or Ancient Trousers
  • Feet: Hero’s Boots

[edit] GR11

  • Chest: Warlock Raiment (Cloth) or Titania’s Mail (Light)
  • Arms: Valiant Gauntlets
  • Legs: Fire-Dragon Pants
  • Feet: Metal Footwear

[edit] GR12

From GR12 you can carry 2 sets – One for Casting and one for Healing/Staff Melee (although it is not necessary to carry more than the Demon Robe if you just intend on Casting and Healing.)

  • Chest (Casting): Aristos Dalmatica (Cloth) or Admiral Plate (Light) (Bloody Coat is another option, but is inferior in stats. to the Aristos Dalmatica and far harder to bind)
  • Chest (Healing/Melee): Demon Robe
  • Arms (Casting): Valkyrie Guards (Female – Best Choice) or Valiant Gauntlets
  • Arms (Healing/Melee): Aristos Gloves (Cloth) or Hellion Fists (Light – VIT+SPR)
  • Legs (Casting): Warrior’s Pants
  • Legs (Healing/Melee): Bloody Trousers
  • Feet (Casting): Kukulkan Shoes
  • Feet (Healing/Melee): Valkyrie Leggings (Female – Best Choice) or Fire-Dragon Boots (SPR) or Aristos Moccasins (Cloth – STR+DEX)/Admiral Boots (Light – STR+DEX)/Warrior’s Boots (Light – STR+DEX)

[edit] GR13

No changes to the GR12 setup.

[edit] GR14

  • Chest (Casting): Aristos Dalmatica (Cloth) or Admiral Plate (Light) (Camaxtli Robe and Faerie Armour can be used to replace their respective GR12 choices, but are inferior in terms of the INT stat.)
  • Chest (Healing/Melee): Demon Robe
  • Arms (Casting): Same as GR12
  • Arms (Healing/Melee): Shogun’s Gauntlets (easier to +10) or Lord’s Gauntlets
  • Legs (Casting): Same as GR12
  • Legs (Healing/Melee): Same as GR12
  • Feet (Casting): Same as GR14 (Both Heavy – INT+AGI) or Gratos Boots (Cloth – INT)
  • Feet (Healing/Melee): Valkyrie Leggings (Female – Best Choice) or Dragonscale Boots

[edit] GR15

  • Chest (Casting): Same as GR14 or Kaiser’s Mail (Light – Highest INT Chest armour)
  • Chest (Healing/Melee): Demon Robe (Cloth) or Oberon’s Mail (Light)
  • Arms (Casting): Valkyrie Guards (Female, Light), Arcanum Cuffs (Cloth) or Knightlord Fists (Heavy – INT+AGI)
  • Arms (Healing/Melee): Same as GR14 or Warlord’s Gauntlets (Best choice but requires a significant number of Fire-Beast Tail+ to +10)
  • Legs (Casting): Same as GR12
  • Legs (Healing/Melee): Same as GR12
  • Feet (Casting): Same as GR12
  • Feet (Healing/Melee): Kaiser’s Boots

[edit] Elemental Enhancement

A common question for new Staff users is how should the Staves be enhanced – Should they be +1/+9 like other weapon classes, +5/+5 like Bow, all Raw or all Elemental. The answer will vary on how you intend to use the class:

[edit] Caster: All Raw

As a Caster (Mage) you will only need to carry 1 +10 Raw Staff, as this will maximise the MAG enhancement. Furthermore, if you find yourself needing to finish an enemy off with a Melee attack, the Seeker (which will likely be in effect while casting) will apply the element to the weapon.

[edit] Staff Melee: +9 Raw/+1 Elemental

As Staff Melee is recommended for GR12+ - Both of the combos will Combo Complete with a GR12 Staff (The 4AC will also Combo Complete with a GR11 Staff.)

You will carry a +10 Raw Staff for Non-Elemental enemies and 4 (+9/+1) Staves – One for each element. Furthermore – If you have a Seeker in effect (and it is suited for the target), use the Non-Elemental Staff, however if a Seeker is not in effect, equip the appropriate Staff and cast Inspire (this should 1-hit kill most mobs.)

[edit] Staff Selection

Unlike other Classes, the differences between the Staves are minimal and for the most part can be selected based on personal preference.

Archdemon Staff
(Tricky to bind and +10, and used for aesthetics over utility.)
67 ATK
136 MAG
96 HP
148 MP
21 STR

Staff of Camaxtli
(Overall the ‘best’ Staff.)
67 ATK
134 MAG
104 MP
14 INT
14 SPR

Staff of Ra
(A good alternative to the Staff of Camaxtli.)
67 ATK
132 MAG
100 MP
14 INT
14 SPR

Wind-Dragon Staff
(A Melee-Only Staff which is used more for the aesthetics rather than utility.)
(+4 Wind)
67 ATK
136 MAG
64 HP
100 MP
14 STR

Storm Rod (GR11)
(A good carry-through Staff which will serve you well until you harvest the materials for the Staff of Camaxtli or Staff of Ra.)
(+3 Wind)
61 ATK
120 MAG
80 MP
14 INT
14 SPR

[edit] Combos

Staves are not AC efficient, so combos should be used sparingly and only with an Elemental Seeker and Inspire in effect to maximise the combo usage. (The 4AC combo will Combo Complete with a non +10 Elemental GR11 Staff.)

3AC: Troll Prod>Staff Strike>Staff Smite>Launch
4AC: Troll Prod>Staff Strike>Staff Wallop>Staff Smite>Launch

[edit] Foot Note

[Please note that the above information is based on my experience using the class and other users who have ran the class from the early GRs. It is by no means intended to be a rigid mould, but rather a guide as to how the class can develop to maximise its efficiency at each GR. Feel free to experiment with the class and ask any questions on the forums.]

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