Class Guide: Spear


[edit] Role

Spear is primarily a tanking class which focuses on directing enemy Aggression towards the Lancer and away from the other party members (who may comprise of one or more of the ‘Squishy’ classes.) In addition to this role, Spear can be played as a DPS class (due to the Skill Dependency on VIT and DEX – Two stats. which are easily increased with the Armour available.)

[edit] Tips and Tactics

Outside of an AGI tank setup, Spear is susceptible to Knock-Downs (especially when multiple enemies have been Threatened.) To counter this it is important for Lancers to know the timings for enemy attacks, so that they can ‘Interrupt’ the Knock-Down with an Attack or Ability of their own. (If you can not gauge the timing, are having Lag issues or are facing multiple enemies then a Combo intent on Staggering one of the enemies is very effective at keeping you on your feet.) (Using Items is another effective method to prevent Knock-Downs.)

Regardless of how high your DEF is – You must ensure you keep Fortify applied (or Force Field for more challenging encounters), else you take undue damage. (Remember, Fortify adds a relative amount to your DEF – So the higher your DEF, the more potent the effect.)

Sonic Javelin is a very effective line AoE skill for killing mobs – Especially in Boss encounters where NPCs are present (Inspiration Strikes for example) and is amongst the strongest 1AC line skills.

Paralyse Thrust is the most effective 0AC attack to 1-Hit kill mobs and as a general attack against Bosses outside of a Combo.

Dark Thrust is a very useful skill when tanking physically attacking enemies (extremely effective in quests such as Heat Waves 2), but has a lower damage potential than Paralyse Thrust.

Shooting Star is another ability which can be used on certain Bosses (especially on Gigas (Outside of Grand Gigas) as their Belly region is weak to Thrust attacks) as it uses 0MP. As it is a mid-air move however, you can not use it on mobs or Beast type creatures (such as Cerberus and Tigris) as the attack will hit the Head (something you want to avoid doing lest you make your job tanking much more perilous.)

When tanking (especially heavy-hitters such as Rex), ensure that you position yourself away from the other party members to prevent the enemies’ AoE attacks from damaging the other players. The positioning is very important outside of this, as the distance to the target has a number of effects:

  • The enemy will change their attack skills dependant on the range – With Magical or Rush-Based attacks being favoured the further the distance between the enemy focus and their position
  • The enemy will lose focus of the tank in favour of another party member if the tank is too far away
  • You will not be able to cast Debuffs on the enemy if you are too far away from them
  • You will have to rely on timing your Skill usage to prevent Knock-Downs as you will not be in range to start a combo (for the wider Anti-Knock Down window)

(If your party members venture too close to you, try and adjust your position – But any damage they receive under these circumstances is their own fault. If you are playing with less experienced players, politely tell them before the Boss battle(s) that you are tanking and for them to keep their distance.)

Your primary role as a Lancer is to attract the enemies’ aggression away from the other party members and have them focus on you. (For further information, refer to my Aggro. Management post:

[edit] Skills

Below are the key skills to the class, and the only ones you need to learn if you require extra SP for other classes and/or passives.

[edit] General Purpose & Tanking

Spear has a multitude of skills geared towards tanking and supporting your party, but I will separate out a certain range of abilities (which I will list and explain in the ‘True Tank’ section.)

  • Sweep - Required
  • Carve – Required
  • Impale – Required
  • Shield Bash – Required
  • Skewer – Required
  • Dart – 1AC attack which is useful to 1-hit tougher mobs, can act as a Anti-Knock Down attack and can be used to finish off a Stagger (if your combo fails to do so)
  • Pentaslam – 2AC attack used only in combos
  • Hoist – Required
  • Unicorn Charge – 1AC attack used in combos
  • Shooting Star – 0AC, 0MP attack useful for attack limbs of certain Bosses (and effective against Gigas’ while they are standing)
  • Sonic Javelin – Very effective 1AC line attack
  • Paralyse Thrust – 0AC mob-killer (uses 4 MP)
  • Dark Thrust – 0AC attack useful against Physically attacking enemies (uses 4 MP)
  • Threaten – The key Aggro. Skill for Lancers, which will attract all nearby enemies
  • Anima – Allows the Lancer to gain AC for combos and Threaten
  • Force Field – Very useful when you are attracting a lot of Aggro. From Physically attacking enemies
  • Dispirit Field – Very useful when you are attracting a lot of Aggro. From Magically attacking enemies

[edit] True Tank

Outside of the general tanking skills, Spear has a range of Party support abilities which are unique to the skill tree (although there are alternatives in the Divine Tree – With the exception of the Magical Resistance skills.) I personally do not recommend these skills as the cast range is limited (which will force your party to be close to you at the time of casting – But that is manageable), cost 2 AC (1 AC in the case of +Support Field), cost a fair amount of MP, require a Shield to be equipped and can mainly be replicated using the Divine Magic skills. On the positive side, they are instantly used, can prevent a Knock-Down and have a use when NPCs are present.

  • +Support Field – (+Fortify can replace this)
  • +Body Shield – (+Fortify is almost as effective)
  • +Magic Shield – (No direct skill, but +Elemental Shield can lower damage from specific elements)
  • +Full Shield – A 2AC, 22 MP skill which has no single equivalent in any other tree

[edit] Skills to Avoid

The following skills utilise more AC and/or MP than the relative damage output (or effect) is worth, so for all intents and purposes should not be learnt (or used if you have the class at 100% for the Skill Tree trophy):

  • Cross Lance
  • Cross Meteor
  • Icewyrm Fang
  • Icy Pentaslam
  • Omega Strike
  • Ascension
  • Storm
  • Hailstorm
  • Ice Javelin
  • Secure Field

[edit] Passive Requirements

When fulfilling a tank role:


(For DPS, DEX has a higher priority over AGI and HP.)

[edit] Equipment

As Spear can fulfil both the role of a Tank and DPS, the Equipment selection will vary slightly – But this will normally take the form of switching the Chest piece. Further to this – Lancers should carry some SPR equipment to help tank enemies which use mainly Magical attacks (such as Golems) – Again, a Chest piece is normally sufficient. (Females have a distinct advantage in the Tanking role as they can utilise the Valkyrie Leggings.)

[edit] Pre-GR10

The VIT or DEX GeoRama armour is suitable, but any armour will suffice.

  • Honey Cross (Female) or Quester’s Coat (Male) – DEX
  • Miner’s (Unisex) – VIT

[edit] GR10

  • Chest: Ancient Cloak (Cloth) or Centurion Armour (Heavy)
  • Arms: Elemental Bracers (Cloth) or Centurion Fists (Heavy)
  • Legs: Mystical Slops (Female) or Master Slops
  • Feet: Paladin Greaves (VIT) or Ancient Shoes (DEX)

[edit] GR11

  • Chest: Fire-Dragon Robe (Cloth), Valiant Armour (Heavy – Can be +10d at GR11) or Wyvern Plate (Heavy – Can not be +10d at GR11)
  • Arms: Metal Hands
  • Legs: Sacred Breeches
  • Feet: Paladin Greaves (VIT+DEX) or Warlock Boots (Cloth - AGI+DEX)

[edit] GR12

From GR12 you can carry 3 chest pieces – One for general purpose/DPS, one for tanking and one for SPR tanking and Heal boosting.

  • Chest (General Purpose): Kukulkan Robe or Hellion Mail
  • Chest (Tanking): Fire-Dragon Robe (Cloth), Valiant Armour (Heavy) or Wyvern Plate (Heavy)
  • Chest (SPR Tanking): Demon Robe
  • Arms: Metal Hands (Light) or Admiral Guards (Light)/Warrior’s Fists (Light)/Kukulkan Cuffs (Cloth)
  • Legs: Sacred Breeches or Aristos Slacks (Cloth – For more AGI)/Ice-Dragon Faulds (Heavy – For more AGI)
  • Feet: Valkyrie Leggings (Female – Best choice) or Warlock Boots or Admiral Boots/Warrior’s Boots/Sentinel Boots (Male)

[edit] GR13

No changes to the GR12 setup.

[edit] GR14

  • Chest (General Purpose): Kukulkan Robe or Hellion Mail
  • Chest (Tanking): Dragonscale Plate (Light – Best choice) or Shogun’s Cuirass (Heavy)
  • Chest (SPR Tanking): Demon Robe
  • Arms: Same as GR12
  • Legs: Same as GR12
  • Feet: Valkyrie Leggings (Female) or Dominion Boots

[edit] GR15

  • Chest (General Purpose): Kukulkan Robe or Hellion Mail
  • Chest (Tanking): Dragonscale Plate (Light – Best choice) or Shogun’s Cuirass (Heavy)
  • Chest (SPR Tanking): Demon Robe (Cloth) or Oberon’s Mail (Light)
  • Arms: Kaiser’s Guards (Although Admiral Guards etc. are useful for quests which require additional AGI – Such as Heat Waves 2)
  • Legs: Oberon’s Slops
  • Feet: Valkyrie Leggings (Female) or Dominion Boots

[edit] Combos

Spear (with the correct setup) can function as an effective DPS class, but remember to maintain your distance when tanking and to keep additional AC to use Threaten should the enemy recover.

3AC: Dart>Chop>Unicorn Charge>Shooting Star
4AC: Carve>Chop>Dart>Unicorn Charge>Shooting Star
5AC: Dart>Chop>Pentaslam>Unicorn Charge>Shooting Star
6AC: Carve>Chop>Pentaslam>Dart>Unicorn Charge>Shooting Star

[edit] Foot Note

[Please note that the above information is based on my experience using the class and other users who have ran the class from the early GRs. It is by no means intended to be a rigid mould, but rather a guide as to how the class can develop to maximise its efficiency at each GR. Feel free to experiment with the class and ask any questions on the forums.]

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