Class Guide: Elemental


[edit] Usage

Elemental Magic has 3 distinct Skill sets which are useful for a variety of Classes:

  • Elemental Magic – The offensive spells used by Mages to exploit enemy Elemental Weaknesses (and alongside the Elemental Sigils, and the Staff Tree skills the damage can be maximised)
  • Elemental Shields – Extremely useful skills which significantly improve the party member(s) resistance to the associated Element (Especially useful for players with a low RES stat.)
  • Status Effects i.e Sleep – A valuable skill which can be used alongside any Class to provide support if multiple enemies are engaging the party, but is recommended for Mages and Bow (due to the required INT investment)

[edit] Tips and Tactics

Elemental Magic can be used with any weapon, and even with no weapon equipped. It is however most effective when used with Staves, followed by Bow – No other class should utilise Elemental Magic in an offensive capacity due to the lower achievable MAG values.

If you are casting magic – It is important to acquire the Elemental Sigil skills, as these will maximise the associated elements damage potential. (Unlike the Elemental Seeker skills in the Staff tree, the Sigils will only increase the associated Elements’ Magic damage and will have no effect on Melee attacks.)

The chance to inflict Sleep on an enemy with the Sleep skill is improved as the users’ INT stat. is raised (another reason it is most effective when used with a Staff or Bow.)

Investment in the Elemental Shields is highly recommended for all Classes, and the AoE (+Elemental Shields) versions are invaluable for certain Boss fights (Such as Trials/Trials 2, Miner Problems 2 and Arena 2 Gold.)

Tier 3 Spells (such as Dragonfire) and Tier 4 AoE (such as +Immolate) will reset the actions of the target (effectively cancelling an enemy attack), which makes can be utilised to great effect against hard-hitting enemies and Dragons.

Elemental Magic has a variety of 0AC AoE attacks which have a considerable range, making them effective mob group killers.

Be considerate when using the AoE skills if your party members are using a mob enemy to recover AC (you’ll be surprised the range of some of your AoE Skills.)

When you are partying with an Elemental Magic user, bear in mind that if their target for an AoE attack is killed during the Casting phase that their Spell is cancelled and they will need to wait for their Action Circle to recharge. (This can be incredibly frustrating when using the skills with longer Cast times, so unless you require the kills for AC – Let the Mage deal with the grouped-up mobs.)

Elemental Magic attracts (especially AoE skills) a great deal of enemy Aggro., so you must ensure you keep an eye on your usage if your party does not have a tank. (For further information, refer to my Aggro. Management post:

[edit] Passive Requirements

The only required Passives for Elemental Magic is the INT stat.

[edit] Equipment

As Elemental Magic is not used as a Class in itself, please refer to the appropriate Class Guide for the weapon(s) you intend to use alongside it. (Staff is highly recommended for Offensive Casting, with any other class being suitable for the Elemental Shield skills.)

[edit] Combos

Tier 1 and 2 Magic (e.g. Fireball and Flame Lance) can be added to a combo of any class, but it merely functions as a ‘spectacle’ rather than an effective inclusion. (The only effective use is when coupled with Bow to create an Elemental Combo Complete should you not use a +5/+5 Bow to take advantage of the Bow Trees Elemental Tips and Bolts.)

[edit] Foot Note

[Please note that the above information is based on my experience using the class and other users who have ran the class from the early GRs. It is by no means intended to be a rigid mould, but rather a guide as to how the class can develop to maximise its efficiency at each GR. Feel free to experiment with the class and ask any questions on the forums.]

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