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[edit] Role

Bow is an Elemental DPS class which focuses on Thrust based attacks and can serve as a support and healer class. Bow has the ability to target specific body parts, which can be selected from a menu displayed after selecting an attack – Giving archers the ability to strike directly at enemy weak points.

[edit] Tips and Tactics

Bow has the second highest Heals behind Staff, so they make great healers for parties without a Staff wielder. The ranged nature of the weapon also allows you to heal party members without coming into range of enemy AoE attacks.

When using the Elemental Tips and Bolts, switch your Chest Armour to one which increases your INT stat. to maximise their effectiveness.

Always use Full Brace prior to using

and before all your Combos. (Full Brace applies to the next skill or action used regardless whether it hits an enemy; such as using an Item, Healing or Buffing etc. To this end, make sure you recast Full Brace before you use the actual attack.)

Although you can hit enemy weak spots directly, always support your team by targeting the stagger points; this will also allow you to strike the enemies weakest point (normally the Belly) for a massive amount of damage. (For more information, refer to my Staggering post:

Prior to GR12 Sting is the most effective 0AC attack for killing mobs and gaining AC. Once you hit GR12, Smoke Shot becomes more effective due to the increased DEX potential the equipment offers; with an added bonus of lowering the accuracy of the enemy it hits.

You can greatly improve your survivability by using Smoke Shot and Conceal to increase your chances of avoiding enemy physical attacks.

Prior to GR12, using the Bull’s Eye>Sting (1AC) combo will ensure that your most potent attack can not miss (as it will often do without sufficient DEX.)

Bow attracts a lot of attention, so ensure you keep a low profile. (For further information, refer to my Aggro. Management post:

[edit] Skills

Below are the key skills to the class, and the only ones you need to learn if you require extra SP for other classes and/or passives.

[edit] Base Build

Although Bow’s main strength is exploiting elemental weaknesses, this can be done using elementally enhanced bows with the non-elemental attacks and the raw-combo (listed in the Combo section.) This is not the optimal arrangement for Bow, but will give you additional SP if you wish to use another class(es) alongside Bow.

  • Bull’s Eye – 1AC attack which serves as Bow’s most powerful skill
  • Double Nock – Used as part of a combo
  • Needle – A line AoE attack (like Sonic Javelin) and serves as a combo finisher
  • Smoke Shot – Attack which lowers an enemies’ accuracy
  • Hunter’s Sense (Required)
  • Conceal – Increases your Evasion (works well in conjunction with Smoke Shot)
  • Aim (Required)
  • Full Brace – Guarantees the next skill will yield a critical hit

[edit] Elemental Tips and Bolts

The following skills are used in addition to the ones listed above in the ‘Base Build’ section.

  • Hawk Eye (Required)
  • Blast Tip (Required)
  • Blast Salvo (Required)
  • Flame Tip
  • Flame Bolt
  • Ice Tip
  • Ice Bolt
  • Wind Tip
  • Wind Bolt
  • Rock Tip
  • Rock Bolt

[edit] Skills to Avoid

The following skills utilise more AC and/or MP than the relative damage output (or effect) is worth, so for all intents and purposes should not be learnt (or used if you have the class at 100% for the Skill Tree trophy):

  • Pierce
  • +Hellfire Volley
  • +Tornado Volley
  • + Glacier Volley
  • +Meteor Volley
  • Camouflage
  • Eagle Eye
  • Poison Tip
  • Sleep Tip
  • Mute Tip
  • Hunter sense

[edit] Passive Requirements

Depending on which build you are intending on using, your Passives may change – But for the DEX and Elemental Tip & Bolt build the priority is:


Suggestion: I think STR should be third importance as it does increase your overall ATK - In my experience DEX>INT>STR achieves highest attack damage

[edit] Equipment

Female avatars have a distinct advantage in the Bow class from GR12 onwards; with Male avatars not being able to reclaim this difference until GR15.

[edit] Pre-GR10

The DEX GeoRama armour is ideal, but any Cloth armour will suffice.

  • Honey Cross (Female) or Quester’s Coat (Male) – DEX

[edit] GR10

  • Chest: DEX Georama Armour or Mystical Robe (Female)/Master Lorica
  • Arms: Elemental Bracers
  • Legs: Hero’s Breeches or Elemental Slops
  • Feet: Ancient Shoes, Mystical Socks (Female) or Master Boots

[edit] GR11

  • Chest: Warlock Raiment
  • Arms: Fire-Dragon Cuffs
  • Legs: Valiant Cuirass or Sacred Breeches
  • Feet: Warlock Boots or Titania’s Boots

[edit] GR12

From GR12 you can carry an additional INT Chest piece to enhance the effectiveness of your Elemental Tip and Bolt attacks, which I will list alongside the main armour selection. (You can also carry the Demon Robe to increase the potency of your Heals.)

  • Chest: Kukulkan Robe/Hellion Mail (Aristos Dalmatica for INT switch)
  • Arms: Valkyrie Guards (Best option – Female only) or Fire-Dragon Cuffs
  • Legs: Valiant Cuirass
  • Feet: Aristos Moccasins, Admiral Boots or Warrior’s Boots

[edit] GR13

No changes to the GR12 setup.

[edit] GR14

  • Chest: Kukulkan Robe/Hellion Mail (Aristos Dalmatica or Camaxtli Robe for INT switch)
  • Arms: Valkyrie Guards (Best option – Female only) or Dragonscale Fists
  • Legs: Shogun's Tassets
  • Feet: Faerie Boots

[edit] GR15

  • Chest: Kukulkan Robe/Hellion Mail (Kaiser Mail for INT switch – But the previous two armours are more than sufficient considering the items required to bind and +10 Kaiser Mail)
  • Arms: Arcanum Cuffs
  • Legs: Gratos Pants
  • Feet: Warlord's Footgear

[edit] Strike (STR) Build

In addition to the Thrust attacks, Bow also has 3 non-elemental Strike based attacks which can be used on Strike-Weak targets (although a DEX/INT build is still pretty effective in this role.) To maximise these attacks it is necessary to increase your Base STR:

  • Chest: Kukulkan Robe/Hellion Mail
  • Arms: Dragonscale Fists
  • Legs: Hellion Trousers
  • Feet: Aristos Moccasins, Admiral Boots or Warrior’s Boots

(Using this equipment setup your Sting attack will also receive a significant boost, making it more damaging than Smoke Shot.)

[edit] Solo (AGI) Build

To suppliment the use of Smoke Shot and Conceal, the following equipment will increase your chances to dodge further while retaining most of your DEX attack potency (although your INT based attacks and Bull's Eye skill will suffer slightly.)

  • Chest: Kukulkan Robe/Hellion Mail
  • Arms: Arcanum Cuffs
  • Legs: Gratos Pants
  • Feet: Faerie Boots

[edit] Elemental Enhancement

Unlike other weapon classes, Bow can use a variety of Raw to Elemental Enhancement ratios for various arrangements.

[edit] 0 Raw/10 Elemental

The Good
This setup will allow you to get a Combo Complete with any GR Bow using any 4 attacks. Furthermore, your Strike combo will Combo Complete without using a Strike Based bow.

The Bad
The down-side to this setup is the lack of Raw will slightly reduce the damage done by all of your attacks.

[edit] 9 Raw/1 Elemental

The Good
This setup maximises the damage potential of the Bow and will support the Raw Combo (as it can still get a Combo Complete.)

The Bad
The Elemental Tip & Bolt Combos will no longer Combo Complete with any GR Bow and neither will the Strike Combo.

[edit] 5 Raw/5 Elemental


The Good
This setup allows for any GR Bow to Combo Complete when using the Elemental Tip & Bolt Combos and retains a good amount of extra damage through the +5 Raw.

The Bad
Unlike the 0/10 setup, the Raw Combo will not Combo Complete with the lower GR Bows, and the damage potential is slightly less than the 9/1 setup.

[edit] Combos

Bow is an extremely AC efficient class, and to this end 4AC is the ideal usage for combos.

1AC (Raw): Bull’s Eye>Sting (100% Accuracy regardless of DEX)
4AC (Raw): Bull’s Eye>Sting>Double Nock>Needle
4AC (Fire): Bull’s Eye>Sting>Flame Bolt>Flame Tip
4AC (Ice): Bull’s Eye>Sting>Ice Bolt>Ice Tip
4AC (Wind): Bull’s Eye>Sting>Wind Bolt>Wind Tip
4AC (Earth): Bull’s Eye>Sting>Rock Bolt>Rock Tip
4AC(Strike): Bull’s Eye>Sting>Blast Salvo>Blast Tip

(The Elemental combos listed above are designed to be used in conjunction with a 5/5 Bow enhancement as listed above in the 'Elemental Enhancement' section.)

[edit] Foot Note

[Please note that the above information is based on my experience using the class and other users who have ran the class from the early GRs. It is by no means intended to be a rigid mould, but rather a guide as to how the class can develop to maximise its efficiency at each GR. Feel free to experiment with the class and ask any questions on the forums.]

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