Class Guide: Axe


[edit] Role

Axe is a Burst DPS class which focuses on Strike based attacks making it incredibly effective against Golems, Treants and both Pyredaemos and the Pyredaemos Rex (Head). In addition to the Burst DPS option, Axe offers several powerful single-hit hit attacks which can debuff enemies in addition to an extremely damaging 1AC attack which is on-par with Bows Bull’s Eye.

[edit] Tips and Tactics

The high damage output comes at the price of a defence (through a VIT penalty on the Axe weapons), so ensuring you stay away from enemy physical attacks is of paramount importance. To this end, if you have a tank in your party make sure you keep your distance from them (or you will often get hit by enemy attacks too) and if you do not have a tank make sure you keep Fate’s Favour applied in quests such as Station Attendant.

Warcry is the main DPS Buff skill for Axe, but you must make sure you use it appropriately; applying it at the start of a fight is not always ideal. When starting a combo, make sure you have it applied. (This skill does NOT stack with Inspire, and having Inspire applied after will REDUCE your damage but your defence will remain lowered. Using Warcry after Inspire is applied will cancel out the lower bonus and give you the full damage output.)

Axe is adept at staggering enemies – A 3AC combo is normally enough to stagger a Golem and lift a foot of Lamia, Pyramedius and Dragons (with the exception of Ancient Dragon.) If you are soloing a large enemy, use a 4AC combo to ensure you complete the stagger (you can always cancel the input on the last attack to save the 1 extra AC if it staggers beforehand.)

Shatter using the DEX build setups offers a quick way to gain AC on the minimal number of mob enemies (allowing other non-AC charging classes to gain their AC too.) To further maximise the use of this method, use the same element as the target to ensure you do as little damage as possible (the more hits, the more AC you will gain.)

[edit] Skills

Below are the key skills to the class, and the only ones you need to learn if you require extra SP for other classes and/or passives.

[edit] Both Builds

  • Battle Cry (Required)
  • Warcry

[edit] DEX Build

  • Jawbreaker – Main 0AC, 0MP 1-hit killer for mobs
  • Thunder Jolt – 1AC Aerial which can easily knock down an Elemental Dragon with a single use
  • Arm Buster – Attack debuff for enemies (4MP per use)
  • Armour Buster – Defence debuff for enemies (4MP per use)
  • Blind Swing – 1AC Ground attack on-par with Bows Bull’s Eye attack (misses often without a high DEX)
  • Crush, Chop, Full Swing, Full Impact and Pulverize – STR based skills required to learn Thunder Jolt

[edit] STR Build

  • Sky Strike and Full Impact – 0AC Aerial attack which can knock down an Elemental Dragon within two uses

The other STR Attacks should never be used outside of a combo as the equipment setup will not offer a high DEX, making attacks likely to miss:

  • Crush
  • Chop
  • Full Swing
  • Smash
  • Tackle
  • Jaw Breaker (Required)
  • Bull Charge

[edit] Skills to Avoid

The following skills utilise more AC and/or MP than the relative damage output (or effect) is worth, so for all intents and purposes should not be learnt (or used if you have the class at 100% for the Skill Tree trophy):

  • Dervish
  • Nightmare
  • +Aftershock
  • Terra Firma
  • Fearmonger
  • Arm Shatter
  • Armour Shatter
  • Earth Tackle
  • Earth Catapult
  • Earth Jolt
  • Cannonball
  • +Rallying Cry

[edit] Passive Requirements

Depending on which build you are intending on using, your Passives may change – But for a STR+DEX build the priority is:


[edit] Equipment

Prior to GR12 the equipment selections will offer a balance between the STR and DEX stats. So there will be no need to carry more than one set of armour.

[edit] Pre-GR10

The GeoRama armours are ideal, but any Cloth armour will suffice.

  • Misty Dress (Female) or Hunter’s Jacket (Male) - STR
  • Honey Cross (Female) or Quester’s Coat (Male) – DEX

The DEX option is slightly better in my opinion as it will allow you to debuff enemies and inflict damage without needing to rely on the Divine magic skills.

[edit] GR10

  • Chest: STR/DEX Georama Armour or Elemental Robe
  • Arms: Elemental Bracers
  • Legs: Mystical Slops (Female) or Master Slops
  • Feet: Mystical Socks (Female) or Master Boots

[edit] GR11

  • Chest: Metal Hauberk
  • Arms: Fire-Dragon Cuffs
  • Legs: Valiant Cuirass
  • Feet: Warlock Boots

[edit] GR12

From GR12 you are able to use a separate STR and DEX build to maximise the damage potential of your attacks and combos.

[edit] STR Build

  • Chest: Metal Hauberk
  • Arms: Fire-Dragon Cuffs
  • Legs: Demon Culottes (For more physical enemies) and Bloody Trousers (For more magical enemies)
  • Feet: Aristos Moccasins

[edit] DEX Build

  • Chest: Kukulkan Robe/Hellion Mail
  • Arms: Valkyrie Guards (Best option – Female only) or Fire-Dragon Cuffs
  • Legs: Valiant Cuisses
  • Feet: Aristos Moccasins or Warriors Boots

[edit] GR13

No changes to the GR12 setup.

[edit] GR14

[edit] STR Build

  • Chest: Metal Hauberk
  • Arms: Dominion Fists
  • Legs: Faerie Braccae (For more physical enemies) and Bloody Trousers (For more magical enemies)
  • Feet: Camaxtli Boots

[edit] DEX Build

  • Chest: Kukulkan Robe/Hellion Mail
  • Arms: Dragonscale Fists
  • Legs: Shogun's Tassets
  • Feet: Faerie Boots

[edit] GR15

[edit] STR Build

  • Chest: Gratos Cloak
  • Arms: Dominion Fists
  • Legs: Faerie Braccae (For more physical enemies) and Bloody Trousers (For more magical enemies)
  • Feet: Arcanum Boots

[edit] DEX Build

  • Chest: Kukulkan Robe/Hellion Mail
  • Arms: Arcanum Cuffs
  • Legs: Gratos Pants
  • Feet: Faerie Boots

[edit] Combined Build

I would highly recommend against using this setup as you will sacrifice most of the AGI bonus offered by the two GR15 builds above, but I have added it should you wish not to carry the two sets:

  • Chest: Gratos Cloak
  • Arms: Dragonscale Fists
  • Legs: Gratos Pants (kept this in to ensure you have a little more AGI)
  • Feet: Aristos Moccasins

[edit] Combos

All combos are made using the STR based attacks.

3AC: Chop>Shatter>Tackle>Full Swing
4AC: Chop>Shatter>Tackle>Full Swing>Bull Charge
5AC: Chop>Shatter>Tackle>Full Swing>Bull Charge>Full Impact
6AC: Chop>Shatter>Tackle>Full Swing>Bull Charge>Sky Strike>Full Impact

(The above combos are most effective with the GR15 STR setup detailed above; prior to then switch Tackle and Full Swing)

[edit] Foot Note

[Please note that the above information is based on my experience using the class and other users who have ran the class from the early GRs. It is by no means intended to be a rigid mould, but rather a guide as to how the class can develop to maximise its efficiency at each GR. Feel free to experiment with the class and ask any questions on the forums.]

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