Princess Cisna
Job Princess
Age 18
Voice Actor Kari Wahlgren

[edit] Backround

At a very young age, Princess Cisna witnessed the murder of her mother, Queen Floraine. A single Farian assassin infiltrated the castle and took Queen Floraine's life before escaping unscathed. While this act brought the fighting conflict between Balandor and Faria to a new more violent level, it had a much more important, and tragic, effect on the young Princess.

Princess Cisna did not speak for several years after her mother's death. Though she remained kind and caring, her lack of speech and resulting quiet and introverted nature left her father feeling that a gulf had erupted between them. He consulted with his best and brightest clerics and scholars, but none could heal her ailment. It was an injury of the heart, rather than of the body, and only Princess Cisna herself could change that.

When the castle was attacked during her ball, she finally spoke. She spoke not just words, however. She cast a magic spell as Leonard activated the Ark and attained the White Knight. However, her newfound speech and magical abilities failed to prevent her from being kidnapped. Her connection to Leonard may prove to be the thing that saves her from thier nefarious plans.

[edit] Abilities

Cisna is a Non-Playable Character. She is of major importance to the Knights. She has the ability to unite a pactmaker with their ark, summon new gear for the Knights and even stop a transformation or greatly reduce their powers.

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