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There are a number of characters that appear in White Knight Chronicles, with many classed as being the main characters (either the antagonists or the protagonists), and others being classed as side characters which appear in various parts of the game to help the story move further along.

This page is a hub for the main characters which are in the game, giving you a quick description about the character and the role they play in the game. For detailed information on the character, be sure to click on the Character name to take you to their very own dedicated page.

Also be sure to check the Characters for a full list of characters that have appeared in all White Knight games, and Characters for a full list of characters that have just appeared in this game.

[edit] Main Characters

The antagonists and protagonists of the game, these are those that you either control during the course or the game, or simply have a major role within the story (such as the villains of the game). As such these pages will include major spoilers, so be sure to read at your own risk.

Avatar 1.jpg
With no name given to this character, this is the character which you customise and create in the pre-game Character Customisation screen. The character can either be male, or female, and a number of options are given to the player as to how they want to character to look.

Working at a wine dealer, along side with Leonard, when the need arises, the Avatar follows Leonard along on the main quest. The Avatar is also the only character that can be used in the Guild Rank Quests.

A young man working at the wine dealer, when he's sent to the palace on a special delivery, an ordinary day becomes extra-ordinary as he gets the power of the White Knight and saves Cisna.
A childhood friend of Leonard's. She is from Parma Village and works alongside Leonard, delivering wine.
A mysterious warrior with a seemingly mysterious background. He seems to be older than he looks.
Princess Cisna
The Princess of Balandor, She was kidnapped during her Coming-of-age Banquet. She lost her voice at a young age after seeing her mother, Queen Floraine being assassinated in front of her.
A seemingly flirtatious and so called 'idiotic' fool. He is a ladies man and have charmed most of the ladies in Greede.
A dancer from Albana. She have looks that are as dangerous as her skill with daggers. She holds a dark secret.
White Knight
Leonard's Knight. The White Knight is the first of the Knights to be found.
Black Knight
Black Knight Ebonwings. This mysterious Knight seems to be on the Magi side.
Dragon Knight
The Dragon Knight hails from Bunker Lode Caverns, where its soul is protected by the Matriach of Dragons.

[edit] Antagonists

Early antagonist that deters Leonard and his friends. He seems to be the lowest in command hierachy amongst the Magi.
Right hand man of Grazel. He listens faithfully to his master.
Primary antagonist of White Knight Chronicles. Desire to unite all the Knights together in order to bring true the words of an ancient prophecy.
Dregias is said to be the perfect leader, able to adapt to any situation.
High Priest Ledom. A shady character that was mentioned once and seen once.

[edit] Side Characters

Setti is the son of Medius. Medius passed on the knowledge of the Knights to Setti before he passed away.
Medius was the village elder of Sinca Village. He is the father of Setti.
Cyrus is the adopted son of the King of Balandor. Now the Captain of the Royalguards, he blames himself for not able to prevent the assasination of the King. He set out to Faria with a few knights to prevent the Farians from attacking Balandor.
Count Drisdall
Count Drisdall is considered the mayor of Greede. He adopted Caesar.
Queen Floraine
Queen Floraine was the wife of the King of Balandor. She was assassinated years ago right before Cisna.
Duke of Faria
The Duke of Faria rules over Faria. He was assassinated in the attack on Balandor when he was there for a peace treaty talk.
Sarvain was the King of Baladon's personal confidant. Upon his death, he and Cyrus take control of the Kingdom of Balandor and sends Leonard on his journey.

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