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[edit] Strengths and Weaknesses

    Body Part Slash.gif Strike.gif Thrust.gif Fire.gif Water.gif Wind.gif Stone.gif
    Head Downarrow.png Downarrow.png Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Right Foreleg Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Left Foreleg Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Right Hind Leg Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Left Hind Leg Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Belly Downarrow.png Downarrow.png Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Right Head Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Left Head Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png

[edit] Spawn Location


[edit] Drops


[edit] Notes

  • Attack the legs of the Cerberus to knock it over onto its side, giving you access to its weakest spot — the belly.
  • Beware of the attack Behemoth Dash as this will not only inflict a large amount of damage to any character in its path, but will reset the stagger on the legs (meaning you will have to redo the damage to them in order to knock it over onto its side.)
  • Do not attack the head — although you will inflict good damage, a sufficient amount of damage will enrage the Cerberus, making all of its attacks much stronger.
  • The two extra heads can be destroyed by doing sufficient damage to them. (The Cerberus can regenerate the heads.)
  • Attacking the right leg will allow you to ground attack the left head and attacking the left leg will give you access to the right head. (Bows and Elemental Magic can select these as targets without knocking the Cerberus onto its side.)
  • The left head and right head will each yield a drop when destroyed. (WKC2 only)
  • The Cerberus can regenerate its broken heads during battle, leading to more break drops, assuming it isn't defeated.

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