Caesar Drisdall
Job Prince of Greede
Age 17
Weapon Glaive
Voice Actor Daisuke Hirakawa (Japanese)
Vince Corazza (English)

[edit] Background

Caesar Drisdall is, at first glance, the spoiled son of Count Drisdall of Greede, content in his royalty and more then willing to take advantage of his priviledge. He spends much of his time flirting with women, having fun, and partying, which is clearly not behaviour becoming of the son of a count. However, Caesar never seems concerned.

Caesar's good looks and happy demeanor help cement his easy-going nature. It is safe to say that many of the women in Greede have at least passing interest in the young man, and are often seen excitedly whispering amongst themselves when Caesar is near. Smiles, waves and shy hellos greet him wherever he goes.

However, beneath his easy-going nature lies a clever mind and honest nature. Though Caesar seems careless and overly easy-going, he actually tends to do his best to please everyone, including the Count, his sometimes demanding father. Why he actively encourages citizens to have something of a low expectation for him is a mystery, but he definitely embraces thier interpretation when it suits him.

However, his true nature is never far beneath the surface. When confronted with the Dragon Matriarch, an enraged beast seemingly bent on eliminating Leonard and his friends, Caesar's inner spirit shines through and reveals him as a kindred spirit, and the man destined to hold the Ark that unleashes the Dragon Knight.


[edit] Abilities

Caesar is unable to learn skills related to Staff and Bow weapons.

After obtaining the Dragon Knight, Caesar gained an innate ability, Dragon Sight, which allows him to look into the hearts of people to see their true intentions.

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