[edit] International Version 1.0

[edit] Major Bugs

Sometimes when pressing select while running through a group of monsters can cause your ps3 to freeze (not even PS button works)

[edit] Minor Bugs

  • Typo for item Iron Puppet Bangle info The connecting nut of a iron golem's upper arm. It looks like a bracelet.
  • Typo?? for item Scorpion Shell info A soft_but strong_scorpion exoskeleton.
  • Typo for item Tan White Beast Skin info A white beast's tanned hide. Used by giants to making clothing.
  • Text cutoff from South-facing Station Agent in Greede, Central Station, 1F:
"If you proceed up the center stairway, you will arrive at Count Drisda"
  • Graphical artifacts (appears to be a minor blur) surround Crystal Camera reticle when moving the camera around.
  • Typo? when talking to Pierre (in Greede, Merchant Quarter, 3F) about fire lizards:
"Eh? You're looking for a fire lizard? Oh, that's a wily critter, by gar! Wily and angry!"
  • Kara never stops being your guest in "New Game+", causing the game to freeze when trying to buy any new character-held idems after you receive Caesar. (Possibly fixed by creating a third "New Game+")

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