Brave Litton's Plight

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Brave Litton's Plight
Locations:Balastor Plain
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:01215
Suggested Level:6+36+51+
Max. Party Size:4


[edit] Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Litton to start the Quest
  2. Head to the Map Marker (F2) to collect the Moss Jade
  3. Head to the Map Marker (F7) to collect the Fine Maka Flower (Subquest Bonus)
  4. Talk to Litton after collecting a Moss Jade and either type of Maka Flower to start the Boss Battle
  5. Kill the 2 Trolls to complete the quest

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • The quest can be completed by taking a Moss Jade and a normal Maka Flower to Litton
  • After acquiring the Fine Maka Flower, take the shortcuts back to Litton by jumping down the 2 cliffs, or respawning.
  • Collecting a Fine Maka Flower from the map marker, instead of a normal Maka Flower, will result in a subquest Bonus.
  • If going for the subquest bonus, ensure that the person with the Moss Jade does not have a normal Maka Flower or talks to Litton only after the Fine Maka Flower has been turned in.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Ranks

    Rank Requirements
    RankGR 0GR 12GR 15
    S ~2915P  ?P  ?P
    A ~2685P  ?P  ?P
    B ~2570P  ?P  ?P
    C ?P  ?P  ?P
    D ?P  ?P  ?P

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