Black Knight

Black Knight
Black Knight.jpg
Name Dinivas
Title Black Knight
Species Incorruptus
Weapon(s) Sword
Height 7 meters
Pact maker Kara

"O Dinivas, deliverer of dark and dread, ruler of the ancient shadows, grant me your power. Verto!"

[edit] Background

The Black Knight, also known as Ebonwings, is one of the Knights, a seven meter tall weapon of war made by people known as the Ancients and used during the Dogma War. At some point before the start of White Knight Chronicles it fell into the hands of the Magi.

The Black Knight is controlled by Kara, a Magi general. The Black Knight's Knight Ark is a black sword and sheath, the sheath featuring wings.


[edit] Abilities and Equipment

The Black Knight's weapon is a sword called Dark Blade which is used to deliver attacks similar to those seen in the Longsword skill set, most notably the long range void slash attacks.

The Black Knight possesses working bird-like wings that are colored black and can seemingly be manifested at will by the pactmaker.

The Black Knight seems to have abilities similar to the White Knight.

[edit] Boss Locations

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