Job Communication Bird

[edit] Background

A Bigelow is a small, pudgy bird that has the ability to work with another Bigelow in pairs to communicate information across vast distances. What one Bigelow sees, it transfers that picture to the other Bigelow, which then in turn projects a translucent blue hologram of the image it's pair is seeing. Eldore uses a pair of Bigelows through out the main journey of White Knight Chronicles to inform Leonard and the rest of the group of Princess Cisna's current location. Bigelows are apparently natural to the world of White Knight Chronicles, as Yulie is aware of what they are when Eldore first introduces them.

[edit] Traits

Bigelows are about the size of a small owl and can be tamed by humans. They can come in atleast three different colors, pink, black and blue. It is possible that this sexual dimorphism between the male and female Bigelows.

[edit] Trivia

  • On GeoNet the option to send a message to players on your friends list is listed as 'Bigalow Mail' (referred then too as B-Mail).
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