Before switching to WKC 2

  • When starting WKC 2 story, the enemies of all areas will be replaced by stronger enemies of different types.
  • This means that several materials can only be obtained through quests, but some of these a very time consuming.
  • So it's recommended that you collect a specific amount of such items, before starting WKC 2 story mode. You may ignore this, if you don't plan to get the 800 binds trophy for platinum:
    • 10+ Broken Mossy Face: Stone Guardian Tier 1 at Dogma Rift
    • 10+ all Gold Drop Tier 1 from Primeval Guardian at Dogma Rift
    • 10+ all Iron Drop Tier 1 from Iron Golem at Dogma Rift
    • 3 Direspider Shell drom Direspider Tier 1 located at Greede Underbelly. Better farm them now than spamming Exterminator 1...
    • A plenty of Mana Potion III, the maximum you can farm at WKC1 since it's difficult to replenish them at WKC2 unless you use a trick from Online.
    • A plenty of Charge Drink III as well (not for using Yuchee's method of Rebirth, more for personnal purpose).
    • If you are using the WKC 1 DLC items for your own equipment (like the Warlock Raiment), you'll need at least than 15 of that set's related DLC material (blue symbol), to enhance it as much as possible at LV65. Example is Order of Balandor x 15 for the maximum you want for the Warlock Raiment.
    • It's easier to create parts for your Georama on WKC2 than in WKC1, because parts are cheaper und requie less materials. So if you want to create Georama Armor, do it in WKC2. This also help you with the binding trophy.
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