Attack Combo Tips

  • learn the skills that add more combo hits (they also unlock more skills)
  • Try to make a combo that launches creatures into the air, attacks in the air, then back down
  • Have a 3 AC combo on your bar, to dispatch smaller enemies more quickly when you are being attacked by 3-4 at a given time
  • Creating a combo with elemental damaging attacks and knowing when you use it can make for a more effective combo then a high AC combo of just physical damage.
  • timing your combo does 25% more damage

For your AI controlled players (and user controlled to some extent), only load up minimal slots!

  • Think FFXII gambits ... the AI will scroll down the list of actions to conduct. Although you can't force the AI characters to conduct actions in a sequence, you can tell it what it can do, but more importantly, what it CAN'T do! You should load actions into the slots based on what their job role will be: examples:
    • Support: Heal 2, Cure, Other status clearing actions, Haste, Fatigue, Mollify, etc. Give them some basic attacks, and you're golden!
    • Tank: ATK and DEF Buff Actions, Parasite attack, Mollify, Fatigue, etc.

You can also SAVE your slot combinations! If you have a character that can conduct two or more roles, don't load up their slots with everything. Just save each one, and load them as needed for the individual battles.

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