Anti-Yshrenian Activity

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Anti-Yshrenian Activity
Locations:Redhorn Isle
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:026
Suggested Level:70+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

A group of Yshrenian soldiers want to defect from the empire, but their plan was partially uncovered and many plotters were captured. Rescue the imprisoned Yshrenians.

Rescue as many defectors as you can and flee Redhorn Isle.


  • Players(s) wiped out during battle.
  • Guest character incapacitated.
  • Requirements not met in time.

[edit] General Information

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[edit] Walkthrough

For an S rank, you need to find the 30 soldiers and have taken both magi NPCs in your team. This quest is time limited, so be swift.

When the timer reaches 15:00 minutes, everyone is teleported to the boss area even if you didn't find the 30 soldiers.

It is suggested your group split up to search, preferably in pairs if you're lower level. Watch for the gray dots that appear on your local map- these are the soldiers. Soldiers also appear after destroying Magi turrets and tents. Some soldiers are hidden inside, so do a sweep of the insides of Redhorn. Some soldiers are also on the elevated landings, so you may need to take elevators up and drop down to them. You need to destroy the Zore crystals located in the circular rooms to remove the "magic" that is locking the southernmost door where 3 more soldiers will be.

The NPCs will need to be fates favored during the boss fight, which includes 2 knaves and an Ancient War Machine, which causes the most damage to the NPCs.

A safer way to finish this quest is to not take the NPCs and save 28 soldiers. You'll get A rank and less items, but there's less risk to fail.

[edit] Map

Green dots show the Swordsman and Wizard

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

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