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[edit] Background

The Desert Town of Albana is located in the Lagnish Desert. All kinds of travellers travel to here. The don, Phibianacci, rules over Albana.

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Armory

  • Estoc 420g
  • Master Blade 3200g
  • Battle Knife 420g
  • Hand Cleaver 420g
  • Silver Mace 3200g
  • Claymore 700g
  • Zambato 5400g
  • Warrior's Axe 700g
  • Harpoon 420g
  • Castleguard Spear 3200g
  • Hunting Bow 420g
  • Elegant Bow 3200g
  • Bone Rod 420g

[edit] Georama NPC's

[edit] Treasure Chests

Treasure chests marked with NG+ can only be obtained by playing New Game+ on the original White Knight Chronicles disk only. Playing New Game+ on the WKC2 disk provides no additional treasure chests in any area.
    Map Ref Item Other Details NG+
    D2 Heal Potion II Southeastern quadrant of D2, just outside the house you can enter, and next to NPC Carmea.
    D3 Goddess Tear Southwestern corner of D3, across from the NPC Nilsen.
    C4 Mana Potion II Southeastern corner of C4, east of the well.
    A1 Chromium Pearl Lv. 2 Southeastern corner of A1, between the hot tub and the main staircase.
    B1 Guardian Pearl Lv. 2 Southwestern corner of B1, between the hot tub and the main staircase.

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