[edit] Back from the Dead

Area Found Lagnish Desert
Target(s) Agni (F-7 to F-8)
Unlocks When Completed Bounties 3,4,5,10,18,22,29,30,34
Suggested Level 65+
EXP 3250
Reward Items Demon Robe x1, Demon Gloves x1, Demon Culottes x1, Demon Boots x1
Guilder Reward 1950G
GR Points 90,000

[edit] Info:

Proceed directly to the temple ruins in the center of the desert (Same location as the Best Served Cold Quest Boss), Agni is an Efreet like creature weak against Strike and Water attacks. It summons Salamanders that are weak to Thrust and Water attacks. ignore the Salamanders to the best of your abilities or winnow them down to only two or three. Avoid wiping them out to prevent Agni from summoning more, Ariel strike attacks seem to work best, since airborne helps to avoid his ground targeted flame and explosion attacks.

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