[edit] Enemy of the Skies

Area Found Flandar Trail
Target(s) Aetolia (D-5)
Unlocks When Story Chapter 12 Part 1 Clear
Suggested Level 60+
EXP 3000
Reward Items Ogre's Bludgeon x1, Chromium Pearl Lv. 9 x1, Guardian Pearl Lv. 9 x1
Guilder Reward 1800G
GR Points 70,000

[edit] Info:

Navigate to the southwest area in Flandar Trail and drop through the sinkhole into the cavern chamber below. Eliminate as many other enemies as possible before proceeding into the huge cavern to take on this vicious wyvern, which is weak to Slash attacks, strong against almost all else. Perform aerial slashing attacks against it when it takes flight. Though its attacks are highly damaging, its Glorious Breath and other attacks have little chance of inflicting status ailments, so you need only focus on healing. The enemy is Level 61, so your characters are better off engaging this battle at levels 65+ with equivalent level armor.

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